Sunday, October 09, 2011

Catching up (again)

It is hard to believe that the Jewelry Artists Retreat is only a week away! This is year 5 at our present location in NC and I can't wait to get there!

The group has more or less remained the same for the past few years although we tend to pick up a new person here and there.....some years a past attendee is unable to come, so we have the pleasure of meeting someone new.

This year we have a new friend coming in for a few days mid-week which will be fun. :)

Thankfully I've been able to unpack my studio in the past few weeks (finally!) and have found some time amidst all the chaos (and really, it has been chaos) to dust off the tools and make a few things.

This is the most recent piece. SS ,lapis, citrine, and a little 2mm amethyst.

Handcrafted Art Jewelry

Not quite as clean as I might like, but I'm astonished I haven't forgotten how to do this all - with not having been at the bench for at least 2.5 months. I did 'warm up' first though on a couple of other pieces - two rings & a pendant

AND, before that, I dug out an old piece from last  year's retreat that has been sitting unfinished for the past 10 months. I added a little texture and a patina and yay, its now done. :)

It feels really good to be back at the bench - AND, I know I will be able to USE the time wisely on retreat now that I'm warmed up some.

Now maybe I can finish up two other pieces from last year's retreat that have been left to collect dust....we shall see.

I had mentioned that I'd be doing a step by step of a little ring and I apologize that I haven't gotten to that yet - it IS coming! Just so many other things I'm trying to get to as well. Maybe later today I can finish it up. :)

oh, and since several people have asked - yes - my hair is growing back (rather fast!) (thankfully!)

not near as long as it was -- but we're getting there! (if I don't chop it off again..) I've been getting/resisting the urge to dye it. I have been growing the color and grey out for a while now. But I'm getting itchy for a change. I may trim some of the ends after the retreat...I don't know.

Is anyone else like that  -  always changing their hair? I can't seem to ever let mine alone for too long.

ok, must run.