Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No news is good news? maybe not...

I wish I could say that I haven't been blogging because there is just so much darn goodness going on around here.

I wish.

Now, there ARE good things, don't get me wrong - and I continue to be a glass is half full kind of person...but man oh man, life has just been rough lately.

Like since March of 2011.

That is when an unfortunate legal matter surrounding my house was brought up, just when I was trying to buy my current house.......and all my stuff going in storage in March/April only to not go to settlement  until June. THAT was fun.

And my parents listed their house for sale so there were the last minute charges out of the house for showings.

Yea, THAT was fun too.

Then there was the birth of my grandson, subsequent NICU stay, and the following transfer into my legal care (thankfully that was only for a month or two). and um yea, that was just about as fun as the rest. Sorry. Keepin' it real here. Yes, babies are great, but I'm not as young as I used to be, and working full time.....yea, ummm, NOT. 

Thanksgiving happened along in there.

And then my parents got an offer on their house. whhoohooo!

And somewhere in there we had some really severe weather and I was without power for 7 days. (any idea what a fridge smells like after 7 days...? YUCK)

Then my parents began packing in earnest. . . except, oddly enough, the week before settlement they still had an awful lot of house left to pack. So I was over there packing every night - especially the 3 days leading up to settlement when the kitchen cupboards were still full of dishes etc.

Packing isn't necessarily fun at any given time, under any circumstances. Three weeks before Christmas and 3 days before settlement - VERY NOT FUN.

It was work. As was my move.

And all of it back breaking.

I rented a U-Haul 3 times between June 6th and the end of July (one of which got stuck in the mud in my parents backyard) for my move. And I lifted more boxes and furniture than I could ever have imagined. Oh, and my dear Dad and I painted my whole first floor (ok, not the kitchen or bathrooms, but everything else - including ceilings and inside the closets!)

My parents used a commercial mover for their move (YAY!) but then they came to stay with me! My Dad is now part time here and part time in DE, but my Mom is here full time until mid-April.  So I've been sleeping on the floor in my son's room. :)

Then there was Christmas, which happened at my parents new house in DE. So it was packing my car full of everything for the holiday and down we went. This after the previous weekend going down to set up their Christmas tree for them and help move boxes and furniture.  We never did get a tree here this year.

In January there was an electrical fire on the power line/pole in my backyard (power out again) . . . which was actually interesting though also a bit scary.

And we've had colds and flu here (family members,not me  - YAY! not YAY them, just YAY me that I haven't caught anything yet!)

In January a friend lost his daughter which was just very very sad. And in February my cousin and her husband were killed in a car accident (I didn't know her or her husband, but it was shocking and disturbing nonetheless). I've just been shaking my head a lot -- and haven't had words.....

And there have just been an array of other things along the way. . . . I'm still trying to unpack my house....organize, redo, plus work and do all the normal stuff. . . . and help with the Metals Guild of Maryland and the Jewelry Artists Network....and volunteer stuff for school. . . . and make Valentine's Cards with my son.

And, and, and.

So today I took off work.

Mental health sort of day. And I needed to cook a soup for Teacher's dinner at my son's school.  Decided on a lovely seafood bisque. (YUM) (more on that later)

I am beginning to adjust to my new glasses (wherever they are...) and have photos of various things to show and I am really really really hoping that life 'settles' for me soon so I can get back to some of the things I love - like blogging and cooking (or uncooking)  and metalsmithing, etc. - or that I just learn to overcome the new chaos that surrounds me.

Soooooooooooo, I haven't blogged partly because when I get overly stressed, I retreat. But also because it was one thing after another after another after another and I really didn't want to be writing every day and whining about life. As I said earlier, I AM a glass half full gal, and life is beautiful and I am blessed (beyond words)  -- and I just couldn't bear be a Debbie Downer every day.

I hope I'm back though.

I miss my friends in blogsphere.