Friday, January 06, 2012

Got plans?

It's Friday night - my LG is spending the night at a friend's house so of course - bench night!


Haven't had one of those in a while.

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First though I needed to take care of a 'me' item - I've been needing to have an eye exam (having some vision troubles and some other eye complaints) and finally took the time to do that for myself.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
I also included an eye exam for my LG just to have a baseline. And because he complains often of 'dry eyes'. And because I've had eye insurance for 10 years and have never used it. It covers routine eye exams so - it was time.

Turns out we are both getting glasses. LG found frames tonight and his glasses will arrive by the end of next week. I, on the other hand, could NOT make a decision. Yes, part was trying to 'see' myself in glasses. So strange. And with so many frames to choose from. It should be emphasized though that part was trying to SEE myself in glasses - or anything else for that matter as I had been dilated.

Try squinting your eyes so they are ALMOST closed.

Now imagine trying to pick up frames, put them on your face, look at yourself in a mirror.

Do this about 35 times.

Not good.

The other part of my not so good evening is that I STILL can't see. Though now its just like my eyes are half  squinted. And actually if I open one eye a bit more, an tilt my head just so and move the computer at just the precise angle - then I can sort of kind of see the keyboard

But that's not enough to sit at the bench and do anything.

It's been a quiet night.