Thursday, April 05, 2012

The untitled post

I'm so happy that it's Spring!!!  We've been so busy I feel like so many things are taking a backseat to just keeping my head above water. But the weather has been great - fresh air, sun, blue skies - makes me smile. And I LOVE the thought of getting outside more. (I'm refusing to acknowledge allergies just yet)

We started baseball - we've played 3 games so far and are ranked #2! YAY! :) LG is having a good season so far and is really excited about playing! It adds a fair amount of running - there's practice, batting cage, and games. But if LG is happy (and getting exercise!!!!!) then I'm happy too.

I've done a little bit of work on the Metals Guild of MD website, its actually a total overhaul, but I haven't yet done too much with it. But it's coming along.

I've been back and forth to DE some, helping with the move and setting up their computer etc. I love being able to help, but it takes a whole weekend, and then I'm running behind again.....

The 'work' on my house, settling in, has sort of been on hold as we focus on other things. I am hoping to get back to unpacking and organizing towards the end of the month. That is when......

wait for it.......

dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnn,

my house will be my own!!!!!!!!!

To some degree.

After mid-April it will just be me, LG, my daughter, and the grandbaby.

That means I will get my bedroom back full time. I won't be sleeping on the floor or a cot.

YAY!  :)

That is so exciting. :)

My other exciting news is finishing a new tutorial! It's been at least 2 years since I've written one. And SO many people have wanted one on resin so that is what I finally did.

This is the project piece.

Although as with most of my tutorials, it is technique based, so no one is forced to make the exact piece to the left. In fact, the outer framework is not part of the project.

This tutorial is meant for those with and without soldering experience. Those who do not solder may start with their own purchased frames or settings. Like these:
from Fire Mtg Gems or these from Rings&Things.

 My goal is to create a few more tutorials over the next month or two, although I have two big shows to get ready we'll see how it goes.

 I get a lot of requests for tutorials for



and this

and although they are very different, I think what I may do is combine the two into one tutorial.

Not sure what to call it - maybe surface decoration......

I like tutorials that can be an intro to metals of sorts. Metalsmithing, but 'cold'. Both of these are cold projects, on heating, annealing, or soldering required. I like to try to entice jewelry makers who maybe work in stringing or wire to try some metalsmithing. :)

The other request I get a lot is for leaves.

There are a lot of different leaves out there, done with a variety of techniques.

Mine tend to have a LOT of dimension. I like them to be really '3D'.

So that is the plan, for the next couple of tutorials.

Now I have a request. My son and I both have minor (I hope) health findings we are both following up with specialists/further testing and we'd love to be kept in prayer, good thoughts, etc. We will both have more information by the end of the month. Until then - keep us in your thoughts please!

 oH, and a link to the resin tutorial !!  Sorry - almost forgot! (click on the photo)

or click here
and let me know if you have any questions!