Thursday, March 08, 2012

That time again....

I used to sort of secretly dread this time of year and actually, when I realized it was here again....I wasn't exactly thrilled.

But then something weird happened.

We've had two LL Baseball practices and one batting cage practice in just the last week. And those first two practices were coooooooooooold. Really cold. Windy and snow flurries and one after dark. But as I sat in my car watching the boys practice under the lights - I got a warm fuzzy feeling. (no, I did not have the heat cranked nor did I . . well, nevermind)

I looked out at those boys, under the lights, at the ballpark - and I got all nostalgic. And I was so happy to be there and so looking forward to the games starting. And yes, going to all the practices and sitting out at the games (which can be kind of long sometimes) (and freezing cold in the early season and really hot at the end of the season!).

I thought back to past seasons, all with the same coach and many of the same boys....

And I wondered about the memories that LG is building.

I hope they are good ones. :)

Anyone else started baseball yet?