Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Loads of photos

But so far only a few one to show. :)

As you may have read, I'm madly preparing for a show this Saturday (June 2). One thing I have been determined to do is to make an inventory spread sheet of sorts. AND, I wanted it to have photographs. Yea, I know. I know.

I have spent a great deal of time taking photos and not really editing, just cropping and saving them small. Small enough to put in a table format so I can put a price next to them and a date when they sell. (whoot! whoot!)

I took many of the earring photos on the bar in the photo above. As in a rod, not as in a watering hole where you go to drown your sorrows after taking 274 photos. No.

Anyway I put a pair of earrings on the bar, took photo, slid them down, centered another pair, took photo, slid them down next to the first pair and so on. When I had a rather large bunch of earrings on the bar, I spread them out and snapped the above photo.

And I liked it.

The end.