Tuesday, June 19, 2012

And now the rest of the story

I know I left things hanging a bit yesterday. Sorry about that. :)

Now I need to clarify a few things. That bench that looks so tidy - it's not Mike's bench. Well, it's is, but just for a brief time.

  You see, Mike and I are both in TN (as could be discerned by my photolog yesterday) - but Mike doesn't live in TN (neither do I). We both traveled from our homes and met up here on Sunday for a class. And Mike's bench pictured above is part of a larger work area that looks something like this:

Below is the teachers domain -- or what I refer to as the cockpit. It is majorly tricked out and fitted with everything you could want.

You saw Mike's bench on my right. My benchmate to the left is this dapper young man. I am really lucky - he is knowledgeable and nice and very easy on the eyes. ;-)

His name is Christopher.  Christopher is hard at work cutting something - a seat or a channel or a bead....I don't recall. Christopher is serious about his jewelry, with a special interest in engraving, but he also has a great sense of humor which make him fun to work beside. 

The second thing I need to clarify is that Mike is happily married and Mike and I are happily friends. :) Mike and I 'met' years ago online, through the network forum, and finally had opportunity to meet in person.yay!

Can anyone tell from the photos and location where we are?