Monday, June 18, 2012

Show photos and the view from my window

Starting with a few fun shots from the Columbia Lakefest, using a new booth set up, constantly  evolving ya know....

The Lakefest features a LOT of great entertainment throughout - from live music to various performers.

The Chinese dragon was back this year (sorry, I don't have the troupe name handy)

Great customers like this gentleman who purchased, from me, the earrings you see him wearing. AWESOME! 

There is a chalk art competition each year in one of the parking lots. This young gentleman is REALLY talented. He is working from a photo of Tom Cruise. Really incredible work.

The March Fourth Marching band was also back this year - they are SUCH fun!  Not only do they march while playing music, but some are on stilts as you see -- but they also play from the stage and when they do they lead a dance, move by move. Its fun. Really fun. :)

New this year was a trapeze acrobatic group. I have photos on my other memory card of the trapeze part of the show - but they also had a ummm, what do you call it - a ribbon part?  Very beautiful.

Then on Sunday I snapped photos out of my window all day. 

And I do mean ALL day. 

From about 9:30 in the morning until ohhhh about 7:30pm.

First shot - near the MD/VA line......

and then onward, through VA...and parts of WVA

 through some mountains and the foothills

past some construction......

and on into

where I saw some beautiful flowers 

trust me, they were beautiful

and trust me, they were flowers

 some more hills
and I saw Adele. 

well, on a sign.......

and then I saw this golden disco ball....have NO idea what it is really.....

Going through the hills, there is evidence of the work it took to create these roads we travel

a beautiful display of sunshine

and then moments later. . . . . 

until I arrived at my destination.

Where I met my online friend Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And more on that later. :)