Friday, August 31, 2012

Happiness and Design

I have this friend, he is a biker.

As in rides a Harley biker.

He has tattoos covering both arms (and I do mean COVERING) as well as on his back, legs, and who knows where else....umm, anyway. We were catching up recently and I learned a few things about him such as:

he drinks hot tea, not coffee, in the morning

he has nightlights throughout his house

and, get this,
he listens to pop music - like Katy Perry pop music

Not what most people would expect from Mr Tough Tattoo'd Biker man

But do you know what? These things make him happy - in particular, in his words, the music is 'happy' music.

And doesn't it just make sense to incorporate things into our lives that bring us joy and make us smile - 'happy' things ?

So what does this have to do with design?

It's confession time. I have to admit that I have a weird overwhelming growing attraction to yellow.

Like seriously big time.

It makes me smiley happy.

It's 'sunny' and bright  - which is energetic - but the right shade is also warm and calming.  Like relaxing on the beach on a warm sunny day.

And I find myself bringing more and more yellow into the house. And while I don't want to overdo it or be obnoxious with it, I have to say that 'happiness' is a really valid design 'element'.

I have painted my bedroom a pale soft yellow. I adore it.

I ran across these the other day:
My kitchen, nor my dining room incorporates yellow and I am not sure the subtle yellow on these would work, and still, I WANT them. ;-) 

or what about this chic planter? A bright spot in the house or outside.

 Or this fun faceted vase from The Inglenook Decor

 I love the faceted shape of this as well. :) 

My other growing obsession is dutch doors. I looked at a house when I was hunting last year, and there was a dutch door off the back of the house into the backyard. 

I was smitten. 

here are a couple to entice you too:
Source: via Janice on Pinterest


Source: via Janice on Pinterest

Granted that entrway above is just lovely no matter what. . . . .

Yellow, dutch doors - just two things that make me smiley happy when it comes to design.

What are your happy smiley decorating things these days?