Sunday, September 23, 2012

No-cut brownies

I tend to do things a little differently.

Sometimes that is a good thing, sometimes, maybe not.

I just kind of do what I want if it seems reasonable to me. And no-cut brownies seem pretty darn reasonable to me. 

Now, this does not mean that I make one big pan of brownies and don't cut it - just serve it as one big brownie -  although that would probably make LG jump right out of his shoes

And it does not mean that we just pull them apart, although that seems sort of ok to me too.

What 'no-cut' brownies means to me is making brownies in single serving sizes. And it is MUCH easier than you might think. AND there is less clean up than traditional brownie making in one large pan.

Admit it, this is sounding not just reasonable, but like a pretty good idea - right?

So here is how I go about it.

Use a baking tray and fill it with cupcake liners (I can get about 13-15 on one tray. this is a second tray using up the last of the batter)

Spray the liners lightly with a non-stick spray

and then fill the liners about a third full (or however much seams reasonable to you)

I use the measuring cup I dirtied while making the batter.....

then place in a pre-heated oven - bake at 350 until done.  (mine go about 19-21 minutes)

They rise a little and I just keep a close eye on them. When they almost bounce back in the center with a light touch, I take them out.

Isn't that lovely?

and there isn't much waste either....

they peel out almost clean

these are going to the baseball game tonight. :)