Thursday, September 13, 2012

Scarves made from gems?

well, not exactly. Not even sort of.

Well, but......kind of....sort of, yes

So here is the scoop.

Jen Altman is a write and photographer who also curates an interesting shop called: Cisthene. She curates jewelry and leather goods and a host of other things. The description on the site is Jewels, Apothecary, Leather, Dry Goods.

Makes you want to run right over and check it out - yes?

Jen has written a couple of books - one of them being,  Gem and Stone, Jewelry of the Earth, Sea, and Sky. You can visit Jen's online store: Gem and Stone to see, and order, the book or prints from the book.

There are gorgeous yummy macro photos of agates, pear, citrine, peridot, and more.

So how do we get to scarves?

Well, the creative person that she is, Jen prints images from her book onto silk scarves.

And the results are nothing short of spectacular!

Just look at this agate scarf. 

 and up close.........


What a great addition to the fall wardrobe. Right?