Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So anyhow......

It feels like forever since I've blogged and even longer since I've been in a routine of blogging regularly. Life has been a whirlwind. . . . .

I keep looking at our situations and surroundings and thinking that maybe next month it will slow down. SURELY in a month or two things will be slower, more predictable. Less rushed. Fewer surprises. . . and then WHAM! another surprise.


I know lots of people can relate though - right?

AND, somehow - we make it through it all. (What other option is there?) I just kind of tuck my head down and shoulder through. I wonder though if anyone does anything special to help them get through hectic,c razy, or stressful times. ? Shopping? An afternoon at the spa? A nap? (one can dream....right?)

So what has been happening around here lately?

Well, of course, school started a couple of months back - that means getting up a lot early in the mornings and out the door earlier. It also means getting home earlier which isn't a bad thing. :)

LG is playing fall ball with a practice one evening a week and a game every Sunday.

There was the first school dance. So amazingly cute. And fun. :) MVMS rocks!  And although I chaperoned, I only took one photo. and it's small. And blurry. (but I may post it later if I can clean it up a tiny bit)

Then, BIG news - is the new grandbaby - he was born October 8th - 4:40ish AM. That was a fun ride to the hospital. :)

His name is Camden.  

He had a little bit of a rough entry into the world, but he is adjusting. He's a tiny little guy. Think I'll call him Giblet. Gibby for short. 

Why you might ask?

Well because Bubby is already taken. By baby #1.


This photo was taken about 9 months ago. Sweet, right? Cute baby, a couple of teeth, all innocent looking.

He now has 15 (or 16?) teeth, runs around like crazy and is basically a maniac.

 Manical baby, right? 

See that (those) cuts, bumps, bruises on his forehead? Pretty much a permanent fixture. If he's not certifiable yet, he will be. 


LG is now an uncle x 2 and he's only 11!! Can we say Cuh-RAY-zee? and ummm, we now have 2 under 2 in the house. Can we say Cuh-RAY-zee again??

Then of course there was retreat - JAN Retreat 2012 - the 7th annual retreat. Whoot! Whoot! That was Oct 14 - Oct 21 and was a FABULOUS week. We had great weather, great conversation, GREAT food.....and made great and fabulous and wonderful things.

Really. It was umm, yea, GREAT.


Oh, and I made a box. :)


Sorry for the poor photos - these were quick. Tradition is that we lay all of our work out on the dining room table the last night and take photos. So there are in normal lighting, no diffusion. 

The box needs some clean up and the back hinge isn't great - but I'm pretty happy with it. 
It's BIG. A lot of silver - 22 gauge.

The clasp is a rutilated quartz which appears to be set on onyx. but it's not. 

It's set on sharpie. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone! 

The box has a really lovely matte scratch finish. Originally the plan was to go high shine and then texture a wave pattern of tiny dots with the hammer handpiece. But when I got to this point, with this curved scratched  texture, I was smitten.

So life's been a little wacky.

But thanks to my friends, and my Tiny head Tommy Lee, I'm surviving quite well.

More photos from retreat will be coming soon. As well as info on next year's dates etc. :)