Sunday, November 18, 2012

Yes, yes, yes

Yes, yes, yes --

Yes, I am still here. :)

I have been concentrating on renovations to the Jewelry Artists Network Website and unfortunately that means that I've been neglectful of blogging. I am really excited about how the website is coming along though! A little background...the network webspace was purchased many years ago - nearly 7. WOW, time flies. The forum moved there about 4 years ago but the webspace wasn't developed until several years ago when a very basic framework was put into place.

Well, the time has come to try to push it forward. The idea isn't to compete with what is out there already, there are some really great places on the internet that are making great use of various forms of technology and social media that is available today. Our goal is to offer something a little different. We want to share a lot of information in a casual atmosphere and also open up some space for some novel projects. The first project opening soon is an idea that arose from the most recent JAN Retreat. The core retreat group frequently discusses the business end of what we do and one topic that frequently comes up (in many circles) is 'bread and butter' items as opposed to one of a kinds. While many of us want our B&B  items to reflect our style or current line, we wondered what it would look like if all of us shared our best B&B items or came up with some to share. Not that everyone would copy the item exactly (though some may), but to share ideas that would help kick-start a creative process towards marketable, quick, low cost and time - B&B - items.

We've hashed out the details and the project will go live sometime this week. All jewelry artists are welcome to join in. However, the project space on the website will be password protected. In order to get in, you have to submit a project.  Not a full tutorial mind you - just a project photo, materials list and a little commentary on how it's made (if applicable).  So everyone involved will have shared something and everyone will get not just ONE thing, but loads of projects back! ALL of the project details will be up later this week. :)  I'm really excited about it!

Personally, around here, things are just jumping. We're heading into the holidays and that just means busy. Busy at work, busy at home/family, son is busy at school - concerts and other events. 

Pumpkin pies by Metalsmith and Jewelry Artist Janice Fowler
Yummy Pumpkin pies cooling

In fact, today I have baked three pies and a pan of brownies for his school. I haven't given the third pie its decorations yet, it's still cooling. :) I made all three crusts different in style and I'll write more about that another day - you won't believe what I used for one of the pies and for some decorations!

In addition, I've got a huge salad ready to go and two bags of shredded cheddar !

We're going to deliver the pies tonight because there is no way he can carry it all to school tomorrow and I need to be at work early.

I made a fabulous dinner the other night that I'd like to share more about in another post.  It's a made up recipe for a terriyaki style salmon. Below you will see how I prepared and presented it, but I'm thinking cut in cubes with a toothpick as a great holiday appetizer! Minus the wilted spinach. :) but maybe with a fresh pineapple slice. The salmon was so tender but crispy at the edges. Oh my word. It was so good.

and although my son ate it, and liked it, another night this past week I made him one of his faves - pizza bagel. BUT, it's made with ground turkey, drained of fat. I have a special tip for keeping the bagel from getting soggy. Will share later this week - I need to go wrap the pies for delivery. :) 

Hope you have had a great weekend!!! 

mmmmmmmmmmmmm. pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bagellllllllllllllllll.