Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Get ready, deals and freebies coming!

I'm so excited!!  It's that time of year, the energy is palpable......the holiday season is in full swing!

I wanted to do something special and when I saw an innovative Advent Calendar (for whiskey lovers of all things!) it sparked an idea and I got right to work.

The Jewelry Artists Network is having it's first annual virtual advent calendar - and it's just for jewelry artists!

The "calendar" will go live December 1st and each day, up until Christmas, will feature something special for jewelry artists. It will either be a free tutorial, a special discount to a vendor (tools and supplies), a giveaway to enter, or in a few cases something non-jewelry related just for fun and/or inspiration. :)  But each day will only be live THAT day. So you only have 24 hours to GET the deal - some deals will be good for 24 hours and some a little longer, so be sure to read the particulars each day.

I hope you all will stop in each day to take advantage of the great offers and just have fun! :)  And share with your friends - there is no limit on these - help be a part of spreading the fun this holiday season!

I had to push the B&B page project back for a bit while we worked on this calendar, but the B&B project will launch sometime in the next few weeks.:)