Thursday, January 10, 2013

Third Thursdays - or how to get your studio clean

I have been lonnnnnnnnnnnnng talking about having a regular 'open studio' time at my place where jewelers in the area can pop in (and out) and make things, learn stuff, talk techniques, tips, business, or just whatever anyone wants to do.

Thing is, I just keep talllllllllllllllking about it. talk talk talk talk talk. BAH!

Part of the problem is my basement is a Disaster. Yes, a Disaster with a capital 'D'! 

But now its a reality - I'm putting it out there. Third Thursdays, starting in February. My place (get in touch for location address) from 6-10pm (ish).

So look out basement - you're in the cross hairs.  I'm about to get all crazy busy up on your umm, butt, space, something.

The format will be loose. VERY loose. Arrival time is flexible, come when you can. Departure time is flexible as long as its by 10PM (and we'll see how that goes).

If you want to make stuff, bring some materials....and maybe some hand tools (pliers, whatever).  Pretty much all of my studio equipment will be up for use. We'll have to figure out how to account for say gas and O2 at some point down the road. (I have some ideas). My books and any videos that I have can be pulled out for use and people can bring what they want to share.

We can have critiques and/or problem solving - bring pieces you want input on.

I will have a laptop available and some snacks and we'll go from there!

The goal is just to create an open sharing, inspiring, supportive environment. We may at some point have more formal sessions - a speaker or a topic - we'll just decide as we go how structured we want to be.

All skill levels are welcome.

So the first date is February 20th, 2013 6pm -10pm. My house in Ellicott City, MD 21042

And I guess you can imagine what I'll be doing between now and then........