Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's always something, right? (HUGE LONG POST)

I have been bad about blogging lately. So busy and just feeling tired by the time I get to sit down at night with the computer. *sigh*

I don't think I blogged Christmas or New Years photos......I didn't blog my son's surgery....I've just been occupied. With work, life, babies........stuff. Ya know? It has felt more and more like my life is spinning out of my control. And that happens sometimes, it's ok. It's perception, not reality. Sometimes things just get busy and overwhelming. And all sorts of factors come together at once and arrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgh!. LOL

I wrote a note to a friend on facebook this morning and when I gave the run down on what I've been up to (or have had happening) in the past 12 months it really sunk in just HOW much has been going on. And I didn't even really account for everything. It's just a bit nutty to think about.

Finally, maybe because of everything going on, I dug in my heels and decided I need to take some time for myself at the bench at least once a week. So I am aiming for Thursday nights but often it's actually Sunday evening before I get to it. In an effort to help me MAKE myself make, I joined another 52week creating challenge. It's been such a great decision! I was really not going to join anything this year but I am so glad I decided to jump in at the last minute.

Here are a few of the things I've made since I decided to kick myself in the pants over New Years. 

 Many of those are a continuation or re-examination of some pieces I made a few years back. like this:



and my favorite from way back when...... this:

I have always been a texture person and I'm trying to get back to that....really still trying to find my voice and also a line or platform that is authentic.

In addition to that I'm trying (STILL) to get my house 'unpacked' and in order and decided that I need to finish up my basement so I can do Third Thursdays. I made another attempt today to get in there and go through boxes -- wow, how overwhelming. Like seriously. I did set up 2 6t tables and moved a bunch of boxes from one side of the basement to the other. And I emptied a few boxes, earmarked a couple for thrift store donation, now have two new large bags for the dump......started several bins for 'like' items that I can then decide what to do with (like beach stuff, boy stuff, medical stuff, etc). As I was moving some boxes to the 'other side' which will now be storage (near the furnace, hot water heater, etc. ) I noticed some water on the floor. Thought it might be drainage from melting It's the hot water heater. *hangs head in disgust and defeat*

Do you ever feel like that? Likes its ALWAYS something? I really don't have the money for this and am not sure how I will pay for it...but it has to be done. So Monday a new one is being installed. *les sigh* Until then I will be mopping up water.

I do have to say that part of my lack of photos and maybe blogging can be blamed on my new phone. I have my first Smartphone and have become addicted to Instagram. If you are on Instagram PLEASE find me. :)  I think I'm under "Doxallo" there.  I'm small potatoes, about 150 photos and a pitiful 15 followers. But I really love the quick 'snapshot' capability. And how its daily life....its just fun. :)

One last note: the Jewelry Artists Network forum was put on hiatus a few months back while the website was worked on and the new Jewelry Artists Network Facebook group was getting under way, but I've had so many inquiries about it re-opening the forum that I'm working to dust it off and get it back up and running. There will be some changes going forward - to make it more manageable and to give people more of a sense of 'buy-in' or ownership. More details coming next week :)