Monday, January 28, 2013

WHOA is me....



So the water heater was replaced today. In case you didn't know, it began leaking this weekend. That went relatively well. They were in and out. One interesting note is that they emptied the tank via my sump pump. Which is fine. Except my sump empties via a homemade, thrown together, pipe system due to the small 'house' fire we had last spring (or summer, or something). Well, there must have been some ice in the outside pipes and the water got a little backed up causing some pressure and that hot water needed somewhere to it first started spraying out in tiny eruptions, but then the ice must have let loose because water came shooting out the end (which is what it is supposed to do) but then it blew the last section of pipe off, then another section was blown off.....until there was just a short section and an elbow and another tiny section.....which was sort of aimed up. So now it was a real geyser. fun, fun, fun. So that system isn't exactly in the best shape right now. BUT, I have a new water heater!

So off to work I go. When about halfway there I notice there's a red icon lit up on my dash. It takes me a while but I finally figure out its the temp gauge. And boy, is my engine hot. I make it to work, but as I pull in the lot there are some horrid sounds coming from my car. :(  I went on in to work and when the day was done I carried water out to my car, put some in, and drove straight to a nearby service center. It was there that I met Jamal. He fixed me up with some antifreeze and an appointment tomorrow morning to see if we can determine the problem. We both hoped I would make it home. It's a 40 minute drive. I did. And the car is still running cool, so hopefully I can make it all the way back there tomorrow morning.

Did I mention that I got a tiny chip in my windshield over the Christmas holiday? It was a tiny thing. I said WAS. And I said TINY. Barely noticeable to the naked eye. It's not so tiny anymore. It began growing a week or two ago. And growing. And growing.


BUT, I'm home, so time to make dinner. Get food out, pots and pans, turn on hot water. . . . I mean, REALLY turn ON hot water!


All I could get was a trickle.


Test all the other water outlets - running fine. Its. just. that. one.


Such is my life.

and you?

BUT WAIT! It's not all doom and gloom. I made this reversible pendant last night....

Side #1

 Side #2

Or vise versa. I'm not sure it really matters. 

Sterling silver with citrine on one side and topaz on the other. 

It makes me smile. :) 

I can't wait to make another. 

and another. 

they will be in the Etsy shop soon. :)