Sunday, January 27, 2013

Is it still cool

if it's on Sunday instead of on Friday?

As usual, a little behind, but I hope you'll indulge and forgive me and enjoy the Friday Cools even if it's Sunday. :)

I ran across Heiki Weber's installations and was mezmerized. They are the epitome of 'cool'.

They remind me a bit of the zentaglish doodles I was doing a while back and also of this hand drawing. It's all about repetition.

I'm not sure if I could have a floor like that in my house because it may keep me awake nights. But if I did manage to sleep, and if I had trouble waking up.....the next cool just might help. Not only is this WAY cool of an idea, but the design is cool, AND the creator is 19 years old. How cool is THAT? It's the Singshock by Sankalp Singha.

And that isn't his only design - 
He also wondered if the basic stool could become more useful. 

How about one that transforms into a chair, then into a chair with a sidetable, or into a multi level table.....Please, check it out, scroll down to see all the variations. :) 

He's one cool kid. 

While we're on the topic of furniture that's art - or art that's about this cool table?

I want one. By McNabb & Co.

Browse around - very cool work.