Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting tweaked

I'm not sure if I mentioned here before, but I've been struggling with things.

What things? my my....EVERYthing things.

Just feeling stretched, stressed, and trying to figure it all out. Is it me? or is it my schedule/life?

Basically, is it internal or external. Can I 'fix it' or do I just have to ride it out?

Well, while I feel like I have loads of experience 'riding out' life, I also feel like I don't want to be 'at the mercy' of circumstances. I feel like I'm a pretty strong person and haven't gotten this far letting life just happen around me while I'm buffeted about. Soooooooooo, with all of that in mind, accepting things that I can not change, I am examining the things that I CAN change and doing a little tweaking. 

One thing I'm doing is refocusing on the Jewelry Artists Network in a way that aligns with things which I'm already doing while cutting out some other things that don't easily align with other things. This way I'm 'working' smarter, not harder.

In addition to the Synchroblog (I already blog so this aligns with something I'm already doing and hopefully will appeal to, and be helpful to, other artists) we are launching DESIGN Challenges on the Network. (this is an obvious 'align' as I am creating  - hopefully - all the time).

I have let go all but one show for this year (ok, and one small one I picked up). (but that's IT)

Finally, one of my most difficult tweaks  - I am, once and for all, choosing to take a break from exploring new techniques. For the next year I am determined to focus my creative energies on what I already know, to explore my past body of work for inspiration, and to use that to develop a line that can truly be called a 'line'.

with the exception of this quick little detour. ;-)

Handcrafted Steel and Gold Ring Janice Fowler Doxallo Studio
Steel & Gold, April 2013

I don't know if I can count working with steel in my present repertoire and continue it or if I have to put it to bed. We shall see. . . . . .