Friday, April 26, 2013

New opportunity to increase blog or site traffic

Some of you may have blogs that are banging (and I do mean that in the most innocuous way), some of you may feel like you are blogging to crickets.

But in either case, who doesn't want more readers? More traffic? Potentially more friends? and insight and inspiration, and, well, a whole bunch of other stuff !

I know I do!

Some years ago, I had the great opportunity to participate in a Synchroblog. A group of bloggers who posted on a topic each month and then linked up to each other in a link party. The focus then was on sharing information, views, opinions, etc (it was a faith based synchroblog).  Now Synchroblogs and Blog Parties/Blog Carnivals are used for fun, to inspire, to share, educate, ANNNNNNNND - to drive traffic. And why not?  You're blogging anyway, right ? (well, many of you are and if you're not - YOU CAN START! or read along)

So why not join together and share with one another and also help one another?

To that end, we're reviving the Synchroblog!

This is open to jewelry artists, other artists, and non-artists alike!

Head over to the Jewelry Artists Network to learn more! (click graphic below) 

oh. and recently, I made this (sorry for the poor phone photo). This is a pendant handcrafted from sterling silver wire and sheet with a faceted iolite.

handcrafted art jewelry sterling silver pendant with iolite, Janice Fowler

Just trying to keep the METALSMITHING in the journey! :)