Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why yes, I do!

There was a conversation on a facebook group recently about people getting asked:

"So, do you still make jewelry?"

and how offputting it is to so many people.

I get asked that as well but it doesn't bother me. (most of the time). For starters, I can go a month without making anything due to this crazy busy lovely life I lead so I suppose its a valid question.

And also, it's a perfect opportunity to say:

"Why YES, I do! Let me show you some recent pieces I've made.."

See what I did there! LOL

I think we always have a choice in how we accept the words of others. I'm not suggesting it's always easy to swallow, and the Lord knows I am not perfect at it, but I am getting better. If we practice not assigning ill intent, if we cultivate that thoughtfulness, we nurture it into a habit. And how much more beautiful is life when we can go about it with positivity rather than negativity. Negativity is SO draining and probably pretty toxic to our bodies.

I am preparing for an upcoming show and have a few new pieces that I hope to develop into a line with different variations. These will be a more casual and 'easy to wear' line than some of my work has been thus far.  Here are a few starter pieces:
Handcrafted Sterling Silver and Carnelian earrings by Doxallo Studio
Sterling silver and carnelian by DoxalloStudio

Handcrafted Sterling silver and turquoise earrings by Doxallo Studio
Sterling silver and turquoise by Doxallo Studio

Anyone else gearing up for a summer show?  If so, are you enjoying the process or stressing over how much you have to do yet?