Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Being Authentic

He's growing - he's a 'pre-teen' for sure, turning 12 this Friday!! But he's still my 'baby' - still a young boy, just dancing on the edge of being a young man.

at a wedding QUITE a few years ago! 

 Thankfully we don't have any of the teen angst that I can already see popping up in his peers. The stress and acute hyper-self awareness of teenages. Oh my, maybe it's coming, but so far, so good.

He's always been a little bit of a late bloomer, and I am SO fine with that! There is enough time, an entire adulthood, to be grown up! He still has an imagination and innocence that allows him to pretend even while out in public - such as above on the beach.

And he still poses in public  -- when asked....

he has an amazing self confidence

and a GREAT sense of humor!


 In fact, when those two shots, above,  were taken, he had just completed a walk around the lakefront to see the other artists and the musicians etc. at the festival. 

 As he re-entered our tent he was performing some kind of 'ninja' moves while whispering to himself whatever scene he was playing out. I asked him about it and he told me about chasing a bad guy or something.....

I mentioned that there was a girl watching him with a quizzical look on her face. He said: "uh-oh"...I just laughed. He asked how old she was. I told him she appeared to be about his age. 

His response to that?
"that makes one less fish in the sea for me then!" 

and he laughed. 

I love that laugh.

Love this child, boy, young man.....

He's really quite the personality. :) 

And so authentic. Through and through. 

And such a blessing.