Friday, July 05, 2013

How we work it

Are you sensing a theme here?

The word "work" seems to be cropping up in many of my recent posts and conversations. Not a bad thing, just interesting because it's useful in many different ways.

Today, for instance, I'm referring to how we 'do' it, how we work it - how we stay connected, while we're apart. LG will be at the beach a lot this summer and I'll be here (um, yes, WORKing!). And I miss him when he's gone and I fantasize that he misses his dear ol' Mom too.

We use the landline phone and ipod/phone to stay in communication. A quick hello, a photo of what's what, a comment here and there - it helps. The other thing we do, which I've mentioned before, is we read together. Not as in together-together at the moment or over the phone together, but, we read the same book at the same time.

LG picked up this book after a friend of  his recommended it. He has been engrossed ever since sooooooooooooo I ordered it for my kindle. And now I'm reading about Zombies. Go figure. It's somewhat graphic but not too much and its very fast paced.

So this is one way that we work it - to keep in touch. Do any of your children spend large amounts of time away with relatives or at summer camp? If so, how do you stay in touch?

The other thing I'm working right now is my BLENDER.

green smoothie

This was my yummy breakfast today.

SO good.

Spinach, fruit, water, and a dash of stevia. I forgot to put the lemon peel in which really bummed me out at first, but it was delish anyway!

I'm also working on an upgrade or at least a redesign of my website. Thanks to some wonderful FB friends I've gotten some good suggestions and feedback. Websites tend to be a work in progress so I know there will be more changes coming. Right now I KNOW that I need to redo the photos in the slider at the top. Will work on that in a couple of weeks. I need to turn my attention to some other things first ! I have a basementthat is screaming to be organized. So this weekend I will be working on that. Hope to be able to report good progress by Sunday evening. I know, FUN! weekend plans, right?

What about you - what are you working on or doing this weekend?