Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Nice long weekend....(image heavy!)

Happy Monday! err, Tuesday!

If you are anything like me you will be perpetually confused this week.  I love a good three day weekend (AND a 4 day workweek!) but dang it can get confusing. Trash and recycling both get pushed back a day, I'm in danger of missing meetings and deadlines at work....anyone else?

I did really enjoy  having an extra day though. Visited family up and over the hills...

To a birthday party for my cousin's son Wyatt. 

There was the excitement of a Firetruck and my LG (I know, not so little anymore) looking like a natural in the firemen's gear ! 

and some of the littler guys sitting up in the firetruck :) 

Wyatt's behind the wheel and that's my little grandson closest to the camera. :) 

Speaking of birthdays............. I finally got my bike!!!  YAY!  A birthday present from my family. :)  Now my son and I can ride together ! I must say though that riding up here is NOT the same as riding in DE. It's flat in DE. VERY flat. There is NOTHING flat here. not one tiny stretch of road. Seriously. So while riding in DE is FUN, riding here is WORK. But good for me. And good with LG. Soooo, I hope to ride almost every day and build my muscle strength and cardio back up. :)

 I have been making some adjustments to my house. I think I mentioned that in another post. One thing I have finally gotten around to is hanging some schtuff on the walls. Below you can see a piece I put up yesterday. Although it's a little higher than I wanted, I will move it down a bit tonight. I painted the backing black and then placed three doilies that were crocheted by my Maternal Grandmother who I never knew. I LOVE that they look bold and graphic even though they are soft and 'sweet' and old. I love that it's part of my heritage. It reminds me of family. :) I had intended to hang it vertically with the smallest at the top but didn't really have a good place for it at the moment, so it's hanging above a shelving unit for now. :) It makes me happy.

I recently hung this rail and hooks and can get some things up off my counter top. YAY for increased space and more functionality! 

 I purchased a piece of wood, stained it, and attached it to this very narrow table so now we have a 'bar' that we can pull our stools up to! YAY! MORE functionality!!!  Makes me VERY happy.

And, I finally, for the first time in weeks, sat at the bench. A while back I had been doing some filework and saw work.. . . carving and texturizing and embellishing metal. 

A recent post on a jewelry group inspired me to go back to it. 

Here are some old pieces.....

 with a saw


 with files, saw, and burs
I was unable to locate a photo of the one cuff I really wanted to show you, it has such great filed modifications. I will post it when I find it.  There is so much you can do with just files.
with  files and burs

and then here is the new from this weekend. :) 

I call it Treads. It reminds me of a tire. Maybe I was partially inspired by my new bike. 

 I'm kind of loving this little scrap prototype. It's kind of funky and I think in a larger gauge could be great to add to my growing men's line. It can also be unisex of course.

What do you think? Tire-like? Masculine? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. :)