Friday, August 30, 2013

Whirlwind continues....

Did you hear that? It was the sound of whiplash. Seriously, this summer has FLOWN by at breakneck speed. And the past two weeks have been the height of it I think.

I have accomplished more than I could have imagined - so I feel really good about things, but WHOA. I am tired and sore. And sore and tired. Which actually beats being sick and tired.

I'm tired but feeling very energized at the same time.

Don't ya love a good contradiction of terms?

I think seeing things finally coming together after being in this house now for two years is really kind of exciting! :)  (TWO years! How can it be that long!!??) 

So. I have continued working away in my basement.......remember how I had hoped to go through much of the boxes on the storage side by end of summer.

I failed.


I have to think positive though - and every failure is an opportunity for a fresh start - right?

AND, what I have done is worked on some of the more finished areas of the house to make them more livable. (YAY!)

From moving my daughter's bed into the basement to putting together this lovely set of shelves to act as a sort of wall/room divider between her side and LGs side.
image from IKEA

Meet IVAR. From IKEA. I wish it was IGOR, because I really think that is what I'm going to refer to him it as.

But I didn't purchase quite as many shelves to start as what is seen above. Now I think I need to go back and get more. I bought the ones that are really deep, so we can put LOADS AND LOADS AND LOADS of stuff on them! but not too much. I'm really into thinning and getting rid of these days.

The plan is to back the units with plywood or fabric or something - not sure yet. Two of them  from one side and one from the other side, that way both rooms have some access but the entire thing is also solid to make more of a wall. :)

I also stained a nice piece of pine for a counter top and installed it over an existing piece of furniture that I bought quite some time ago. See, I've been REALLY busy !

We have a 'bar' seating area in the kitchen which is nice since I took the kitchen table out. buh-bye! 

Meet Norden, also from IKEA. I have no plans for renaming him. it. But picture him with a much wider top as I have no 'after' photo. Not yet. Maybe soon.
image from IKEA
And that is where LG eats breakfast each morning. :)

While at IKEA I also picked up a few other fun items. Some magnetic strips - these Grundtals and a couple of hanging contraptions to go on my Bygal rail.

Like this cutie which now holds an assortment of my most used seasonings. Which, by the way, I have transferred a few of into these little locking lid bottles/jars. LOVE them!  They are perfectly sized and I can see at a glance what is in them and how much I have left. Win-Win!

School has begun and we are closing in on one full week today! This means rising a bit earlier and the task now becomes getting ourselves in bed a little earlier. I have a few tricks for getting out of the house in the morning - we go from wake up, to both of us out the door in about an hour. Yet we don't feel particularly rushed and actually all but one day this week we've had time to kill! :) More on that later - Stay tuned!