Sunday, May 18, 2014

Biscuit Bits Breakfast Bites - using leftovers

I posted the other day about some yummy biscuits that I made to go with some even yummier fried fish - trust me - both were delish!

but when you have a small household, even the yummiest items can go to waste. IF you're not careful.

I try to be careful.

Hence my Biscuit Bits Breakfast Bites.

Look at that browned biscuity goodness. And the fluffy egg and golden cheese. mmmm

These make great  use of leftover biscuits but can also be made with fresh dough.  In addition, you could put pretty much ANYTHING in them so they are a great use of other leftovers too.

Here is how mine went down....first I broke some biscuits into muffin tins (actually greased the tins first)

then I poured beaten eggs on (sorry, skipped the photo on that step)

then I added cheese  - all I had was 'american' but would have preferred something with more of a bite

I added some meat - truth is, I added chopped hot dog on these, which really isn't what I'd normally call 'meat'...but ham chunks or bacon would be great. :) 

In half of the pan I topped the biscuit crumbs with butter then chopped fruit, a pinch of sugar and some ground flax seed. 

Although these didn't stick together completely when removed from the pan - THEY WERE SO GOOD. The butter in the biscuit crumbs created such a lovely crispy crunchiness....they truly were delicious. :)

This is such a great way to use leftover bread or biscuits....and leftover veggies and meat, and fruit. etc. So versatile and they store well for a few days and can be a great 'grab and go' item.

What is your best creative use of leftover bread?