Monday, June 16, 2014

It's official - I'm moving!!!


That's right.

I'm moving.

It has been a very tough decision and SO many things factored in. I've gone back and forth and up and down about it. And I know that it's a TON of work and will take some time. And I know I may lose some friends along the way.

But I finally decided it's what is best for me and my family.

Soooooooooo, my new address will be: 

Hey, you didn't think I was moving my physical residence, did you!??

Oh holy cow no!!

I can't even begin to imagine that. Not again. Not this soon.

Maybe never. (ok, so no, I KNOW I will move again, but oh my gracious, not any time soon)

I appreciate the feedback I received when I did my little survey a while back. And I SO appreciate everyone who has supported me here on blogger.  Your visiting, commenting, sharing, etc has meant so much to me and I REALLY hope you will follow me to my new blogging home.

I know I can't be everything to everyone and I know that not everyone will like the new blog, and while that makes me sad, I also know that I need to carve out a little niche on the web that is authentic to me. I think I've outgrown the blog name here - I don't want to maintain 3 blogs or sites but I REALLY want to share my other passions and fun.  So, at Just Enough Hours, I can do that and it makes more sense.

Why the name?

Well, how often do we say "there aren't enough hours in the day!"

I don't know - maybe you don't say it. But I do. And I know a lot of people, especially women, who say it as well. But I got to thinking - - - - - dangerous I know. But seriously. Could you imagine if we had like 34 hours in the day? At first glance you might think this is a kick-butt idea. But SERIOUSLY - you think you're tired now? What the freak do you think you'll feel like if you cram in more STUFF into an additional 5 or 6o or 7 hours?????

uh-uh. Not me. NO way. I'd put myself in an early grave working or busy-ing myself to death. Literally.

so I think we have JUST enough hours in each day.

It's a good reminder to me of how time passes and what I'm doing with my time. What I'm capable of doing with my time. What I WANT to be doing with my time.

I'll be blogging and sharing about life in general, food, family, and tricks or things I do to help me 'get it all done' (hate that phrase) - I'm not telling anyone how to do anything, just sharing my experience - my successes and failures. And hoping to encourage other women who are in the process of busy-ing themselves to death.

There's got to be a better way. :)

Bookmark it, RSS it, get it in email. Visit, Comment, Share it.

Please. :) I don't want to lose touch with you.