Thursday, July 17, 2014

No, I'm NOT perfect!

So yea, I guess that's no surprise.

ESPECIALLY to those who know me well. :)

So it's always mildly amusing when people comment on my diet - my food choices. . . . from the perspective that I eat SO healthy or that I must be depriving myself of something.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I think most 'online' lives are a little different than the fully rounded offline life. Not that most of us are trying to misrepresent - it's just that we share things we think will be of interest or the things that interest US. So, like it's not that interesting (I don't think) to post my recent cheeseburger (unless there was something unusual or exemplary about said burger) but it's interesting to me (and I think to a certain portion of readers) if I find a new recipe or if I get hooked on a new breakfast. Typically when I'm striving for something or interested in something - well, that's what I'm going to post.

So, in terms of dietary interests. I'm interested in a relatively healthy diet. But YES, I eat things that are not considered very healthy. OVERALL though I am aiming for a healthy diet.



I want to FEEL GOOD.

Our bodies are 'machines' and need the right fuel. Anything else is harmful to some degree.

I posted today on the new blog a few quick and easy changes you can make if you are interested:

It's not hard to make these changes even if you aren't going to give up other things. And truly, we can all stand to make some changes to increase our health because I'm not the only one that's not perfect :)