Thursday, October 02, 2014

Pricing Your Work - a challenge

Yes, it's a challenge. At some point we all seem to struggle with this topic.

How do I price my work ?
Am I capturing all of my costs?
What if I want to wholesale?

Have you answered those questions for yourself?

do you have a formula/method that works for you?

For those who don't - for those who are struggling - I have spent MONTHS talking to tons of jewelers - professional, hobbyists, weekend warriors and those in it full time - and I've taken it all and created a workbook to help capture ALL costs - office supplies? packaging? postage, marketing, tools, rent, etc - calculate several retail and wholesale price structures, and track items.

Why did I do this? Oh my gosh.

Can I tell you how much *I* needed this?

Truth time - I was guessing and estimating and generally not taking it all seriously enough. And I was losing money. GRANTED, I wasn't trying to make money at the time - but when finances started to get tight I had to take a good look at where my personal 'expendable' money was going - and it was all going into my studio/jewelry.

SO, the workbook helped me take an objective look at my work.

Adding it to my tutorial offerings helps me in a business sense but it also stands to help YOU.

It's an inexpensive product that can help you focus and be consistent in your pricing.

This workbook can help you determine appropriate and sustainable pricing for your jewelry - both on a wholesale and retail level.

I've included the most common CURRENT pricing formulas and set them up in a workbook with formulas built in to auto-calculate prices. all you have to do is plug in some of YOUR variables and voila'  - 4 pricing structures just POP out! 

There is an overhead worksheet which can help you take into account all the expenses outside of materials and time/labor. As well as an inventory sheet so you can see what is selling well and at what prices and locations. If you want to create a production line that information can be really useful. 

This is a comprehensive workbook based on methods that have been proven successful by numerous jewelers. 

I'm offering it at a reduced price for the first 20 downloads. All purchases at ANY time are eligible for one free editing session. So if there are things you think are missing and there isn't enough space or you want to re-work something - I'm willing to help. 

I want us all to succeed. :)  

The workbook is available on Etsy for now.