Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Looking back at a decade of making & blogging

I started this post two years ago - at the ten year mark - and then went about my business while this sat in draft mode. . .  and then *BAM!* I log onto the computer today to find a link to moderate a comment and see that it's now two more years - so 12 years since I began this blog. Say whaaaaaaaaat?

Sunday, March 01, 2015


This has quite a bit of language that some will find offensive - but it's an interesting video........ Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

On leaving Facebook

It was for me.

I deactivated my Facebook account nearly two weeks ago.

It came rather unexpectedly and I did it very quietly -- no big announcement, no long or sad goodbyes.

I didn't disappear due to any online or offline 'problems', other than of course, the 'problem' of FB itself. :-)

I wrote a little bit about it here, The Surprise I Got When I Left Facebook  and I will follow up soon with some things I'm taking away from the experience. Things I learned or am learning and some observations now that I'm looking at it all.

I didn't delete my account and I'm not suggesting FB is evil or that anyone else leave - although I will say that I think people should consider how they spend their time --- you get one life, a finite number of days - it's a gift - be sure you're thankful for it and that you're living it to the fullest.

I plan to pop in and out of FB, maybe a few times a month, if that. When you think about it - a  month is short!  I have found I am MORE than satisfied not checking in for nearly two weeks. So maybe I'll pop in once or twice a month - and maybe it will be less. I'm not really sure. And it's not something I feel obligated to figure out.

It will happen how it happens, and that's ok.

I'm not leaving the interwebs -- I'm on IG and I will blog - you can contact me through either or drop me a line: janice  at   doxallo  dot   com   and if you know my number, text me. :)  

I hope to blog a little more now that I have more 'free time'. I hope some of you are still reading! :)