Hi there!

I love to read 'about me' pages. I enjoy hearing about other's lives. Where they live, what they do, how they think. What they look like!!  

Below you will find a bit about me and my journey and the blog. :) ENJOY ! 

If there is anything you have a burning desire to know - email me - janice  at doxallo.com  

About Me:

.....single, a daughter, Mom, GRAND-mom, a metalsmith, an employee..and probably a few other things ;-) 

.....a lover not a fighter. (though I can get uppity in the right situation.)

.....a believer  - in life, love, God, Jesus, sharing, caring, and the human spirit

.....a bit of a loner. 

.....an avid reader - mostly Metalsmithing/Jewelry books or Christian fiction, though as noted, I also read my son's books.

I like........ 
.....to make things. (I have a tendency to make things that are either edible or wearable. Not too often both.)

.....music, lots of different kinds

.....the sound of laughter (well, most people's laughter, my son's in particular), ocean waves, rain and the 'cha-ching' of my Etsy app! 


I wish........ 
.....I could travel all around the world

.....people were kinder to each other

.....for Shalom (peace as God knows it)

.....I didn't have to work the dayjob (though I am so incredibly blessed by it and thankful for it!)


My life - the short story:
I grew up in Maryland. After graduating from high school - I worked with racehorses up and down the east coast. I eventually migrated back to MD, went to trade school and entered the workforce. I have two children and two grandchildren and they all live with me in a tiny little ranch-style home back in my hometown. I work full time in Clinical Research and metalsmith on the side. 


About My Metalsmithing:

I got started in late 2004 - maybe 2005 - somewhere in there. I found an old wire jewelry kit with base metal and glass and plastic beads under the sofa in my basement. It had been given to my daughter and never used. I almost threw it away but something caused me to open it and I fiddled with the wire. That is really how it all began. Working in base metal didn't appeal to me so I quickly bought some sterling wire and went online to find information.

The first two places that I found which were extremely helpful were:

At both places I found loads of inspiration and instruction and friendship. 

After working with wire for a while I began adding in some sheet metal and bought a $25.00 plumbers torch to make headpins. I learned cold connections and then, in 2006, I learned to solder. That changed EVERYthing for me. I've been learning and practicing and perfecting ever since. In that same year I launched the Jewelry Artists Network and held our first Jewelry Artists Retreat

In 2010 I began cutting my own stones and those are now working their way into my work. I enjoy using a variety of techniques and working in various styles. My work ends up being very eclectic and for now I'm ok with that. I am enjoying simply following the creative spirit as it flows. I do plan on working on a production line in late 2011, so we'll just have to see how that goes.

I enjoy working in sterling and gold but also use copper on occasion.

I am greatly inspired by the works of:

Sydney Lynch

I have an Etsy shop and a website where you can see some of my work:


About This Blog:

This blog began in July 2005 as a way to document my journey and share my progress with my fellow jewelry artists. It has since evolved into so much more than I could have imagined at that time! I don't have a true agenda with this blog - I just blog to share about my life and my work. I do hope to inspire others and be an encouragement.

Through the blog I have made many online friends and a fair number of friends whom I now meet with offline! Its remarkable to me how many people read and either comment or email me. I'm truly thankful and blessed by the entire experience. 

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