Tutorials are a great way to learn at home. And not totally on your own - as I am available to answer questions at any time - I'm just an email away. :)

Tutorials will be available for immediate download once payment is made through paypal. You should be redirected to the tutorial , but you will also be sent an email with a download link. the email link is only valid for 24 hours, so please check your spam/junk folder. (but no worries, I can always send you the tutorial if you run into trouble)

What if you want more direction? Need more help? If the above isn't not quite enough - if you'd like me to view your work and help you over any burdens - or push you to new levels, if there is a technique I work in (or with) that isn't presently in a tutorial and you are dying to learn it  -- now you can purchase a mentoring package ! More information follows the tutorials list.


Fold Formed x 3

This tutorial uses the most basic fold forming technique, line folds, and takes the technique into 3 different directions for 3 projects in one.

This lesson shows how to create folds in metal in order to create dimension and texture in your work. We will look at three different projects which take the fold formed metal in very different directions. You will learn to use the inherent properties of metal to your advantage - Work hardness becomes your friend!

Your imagination will ultimately determine what your pieces look like!

There are 39 pages, approximately 85 steps, and over 100 pictures and diagrams. There are also some bonus tips and alternative ideas.



Flower Power

This tutorial will show you how to make a flower from sheet metal. This is a beginner/intermediate tutorial.

Ten pages and 17 steps to a new quick technique for you!

You will need 24 gauge sheet and 20 gauge wire for earrings.

• Dead-blow hammer or brass mallet
• Bordering or narrow raising hammer
• Rawhide or rubber mallet
• Round nose pliers
• Bench block or anvil
• Drill and drill bit
• Disc cutter OR
• Metal scissors or shears
• Dapping punches (or nails to modify)
• Dapping block (optional)
• Sandpaper (optional)
• Files (optional)

You do NOT need heat. No annealing or soldering required!
Metalsmithing Tutorial - Jewelry Artists Network



Scenic Pendant

This tutorial shows how to use inexpensive ‘tools’, by modifying items found mostly in your own home, to stamp patterns onto metal to create a scenic pendant similar to the one on the left. Your imagination will ultimately determine what your pendant looks like! There are 34 steps, 48 photos, and various tips inserted throughout 15 pages.

24 gauge (or thicker) sheet metal
jump rings (optional)

Dead-blow hammer or brass mallet
Rawhide or rubber mallet
Bench block or anvil
An assortment of old nails, screws, brads, bolts, etc.
An assortment of old screwdrivers – flat and/or Phillips head
20 gauge wire – galvanized iron wire
Metal scissors or shears
Large file (bastard file)
Needle files
Sandpaper – 220 grit, 400 grit, 600 grit
Tape – painters or electrical tape
Ring clamp or holding pliers
Drill and drill bit (optional)
Sharpie (optional)
Ruler (optional)



Tube Rivet

This tutorial consists of 6 pages, step by step instructions, photos, areas for your notes, TIP boxes and more !

Basic metalworking tools are needed for this lesson (jewelers saw, files, drillbits, hammer). Special tools - dapping punch or other hard flared metal tool such as a large nail that has been filed/sanded).




If you are a little unsure of yourself or your tools, or if you just want more guidance, then I can help!

I am presently offering two options. One is a 30 day addition to the purchase of any tutorial listed above. 

The other is a 90 day package, all tutorials above are included, plus we'll delve into other techniques and finishing after setting up an agreed upon general idea of what you'd like to accomplish. This option is really tailor-made for you. 

Once I receive payment for a mentoring package, I will email you a welcome letter and a short questionnaire so we can get acquainted. We will use email and a private folder on a web based forum for discussion and project review. You will receive access to the private forum area with a unique username and password. You agree not to share this password.

Option 1
30 days for 30.00 dollars

If you would like more hands on instruction in any of the above techniques, you may purchase a mentoring package as an add-on. We will use email, photos, and live online chat to review tools, techniques, and tackle any issues you may be having. Design and finishing may also be covered.

If there are other techniques from MY work, that are as yet unpublished in a tutorial, you may email me and we may be able to arrange a few sessions in that technique.

Mentoring packages are valid for 30 days from time of purchase and cover:
  • unlimited emails
  • unlimited photo review and critique
  • access to a secure, private folder on the Jewelry Artists Network forum with copies of our communications available for print out.
My goal is for you to acquire skills that you are comfortable with and confident in. I want your work to look clean (within your chosen aesthetic/design sense).

I can not guarantee your ability to navigate an electronic based mentor-ship; meaning, if you have tech problems, I may not be able to fix them - issues such as sending photos as email attachments, uploading images to the forum or an online storage site such as photobucket or flickr. Purchasing an electronic or web based mentoring program indicates that you are reasonably skilled and knowledgeable in computer/web based applications such as those mentioned. I will do everything I can to ensure your success, but I can not guarantee that I can remotely walk you through the use of your own computer.

((remember, this must be in ADDITION to a tutorial purchased above!))

Already purchased a tutorial from me? Shoot me an email and we'll just add this on.


Option 2

For those wanting a little more - if you're ready to really jump forward in your skills - then this is for you.......

You get everything in the above option, PLUS all the tutorials listed above - FOR 90 DAYS of torture - I mean, teaching. :-)  We will utilize your private forum folder more as we communicate back and forth, leaving messages and chunks of information for one another and at the end of the 90 days, all content will be printed and sent to you for future reference.

We can cover basic skills or concentrate on a certain technique - whatever you want (within MY scope of skills of course!) 

This is a big commitment on both of our parts and slots are limited. Don't wait if this is something you are interested in! 

When slots are full you may be placed on a waitlist if requested. 

90 day package
$99.00 for a limited time only!
Regular price 129.00


email me - janice at doxallo dot com