Friday, October 31, 2008

Almost there!

It's true! I'm almost done unpacking! Thanks to all who commented and inspired me to get moving. . . . I am about 3/4 unpacked!

And it's exciting because I've rearranged a bit as I've been putting away. I really ended up LOVING my little 'set up' at the retreat so I am trying to repeat some of it at home. I ended up placing my hammers in a little tiny wastebasket and I loved having them out and at the ready rather than in a drawer. My expensive hammers are still in a drawer with golf club covers on them, but the inexpesive ones and the rawhide and rubber and delrin ones - all out in the little can! Along with a few sanding sticks (paint stirs with sandpaper taped to them!). I've moved my pickle pot and pushed my torch canisters back to the end of the table.

I've rearranged my bits and burs and my oh so lovely gravers. Now if I can just get my pliers and files and other misc. items unpacked I'll be ready to create! I just have to get through spook night tonight. My 7 year old son is at a partyright now - I pick him up at 6:15 and we're meeting up with his best bud Robbie, and Robbie's Mom Debbie. With any luck I'll be back home, son in bed, and at the bench by ooooooh, 9:15ish??? I can only dream.........

Hope you all are having a great night -be safe!

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  1. Poor Janice! You're still unpacking? At least your getting it all arranged like you want!