Saturday, November 01, 2008

This is how it went down

Last night, Halloween. Didn't turn out exactly like I had hoped. 9:15 came and went and I never made it into my studio.

I was wiped out. After taking Sam to a party, then picking him up and taking him to meet his bud Robbie - then walking half the neighborhood in search of treats...I was beat. Sam came home and dumped his haul out on the floor so he could divide it all up and count it all - this year he recorded it on a piece of paper and then, get this, DID MATH!

He added the numbers and came to his, I don't have the final count - he has it somewhere, lets just say its an obscene amount of candy! Most will go in the freezer to be doled out over the next month. A snack before bed, a piece in a lunchbox, maybe a treat for his Mom...who knows. ;-)

Sam dressed as a Clone Trooper, not to be confused with a Storm Trooper apparently and Robbie was a Bionicle.

They had a great time running up and down the streets and sidewalks and driveways and it was nice for me to walk and talk with Debbie, Rob's Mom. Who cares if the Clone Trooper didn't wear his helmet and if his mom carried his blaster part of the way? He was still a hero. In my eyes anyway. :)

Today - I've already made pancakes for my two guys, took my daughter to work (at 7:45am), ran to pick up the boxes of 'stuff' for the Spring Fair at the elementary school, cleaned the first floor of the house, had b-fast/lunch...oh, well, I cleaned but not finished, need to vaccum and then start some laundry, and we have a soccer game at 3pm, then back home, finish laundry, make dinner, eat, help Sam with showering and getting clothese ready for church tomorrow....and then him into bed. And then MAYBE, just MAYBE I'll get to the bench!

Wow, I better get moving.

Is it just me or did that make you tired too? ;-)



  1. Yes, it did make me tired. I don't see how you'll get to the bench after all that. I wouldn't!

  2. haha, Tammy - I didn't get to the bench...I could have - I was done all things by 9pm..but I was tuckered out. I went to bed at like 10:30!!! That is so early! But I slept well and had that extra hour. YAY! :) I love sleep.