Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cast my vote!

Yep, I did. Its been a busy morning already!

I took my daughter to work at 0730, voted around 08somethingorother, filled up with gas @ 2.39 a gallon (not too shabby!) and am now at work having my first cup of coffee of the day. You heard me, my first cup.

Why you may ask? (I could hear you thinking it) Well, its because, on top of EVERYTHING else.......my microwave died on Sunday.

Dead, out, kaput. Niente. Gone.

Oh how I need another one. Sometimes you don't truly know what you have until its gone. So true.

I went to prepare dinner for the doggies last night. They eat a combination of rice and dog food - never cold, always slightly heated, enough to take the chill off. I had to heat their rice and dogmush, umm food, on the stove! Eeewwwww. How gross.

So this morning I just didn't have time to heat coffee in a pan on the stove at earlyo'friggin-clock - especially considering all the pots and pans are dirty as we're heating EVERYTHING on the stovetop.

Right now I am turning blue fervishly blowing on this 20oz cup o'joe hoping to get it in my system asap. Speaking of colors....

Random happy smiley thing today? I painted my nails last night, while sitting in front of the tv. They are red. Dark red. I haven't painted my nails in just about forever. Its somewhat strange, but oddly 'happy' too to look at them dashing over the keyboard. I know they won't last one day, but its fun for now. :) I'll take it off tonight as I am sure it will be dotted and spotted with chips tonight. And, *cue broken record* I hope to get to the bench tonight!! That would REALLY do a number on them. Might as well strip 'em bare when I get home.

So back to voting. All went fairly smoothly. The only problemo is that apparently they have TWO precincts voting in one building. One if the cafeteria and one in the gym. So I was in the wrong line for about 20-25 minutes before they sent me out to the correct line. Grrr. I was a bit steamed. (remember, I'd had NO coffee yet!) Once I got to the correct place, I was in and out in under 5 minutes. Really. I knew what I wanted to vote, which categories I was skipping, and so it was wam! bam! thank you ma'am. (sort of..) I have my sticker and I'm good to go. Well, now that I have my coffee. MMMMMM, coffee.

Life is good. :)

Have a happy smiley day!


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