Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'm it !


I am.

"IT" that is.

I was 'tagged' by my dear friend Tammy so I'm now 'it'. So, its my time to shine - me me me, all about me! Which not too long ago would have nearly freaked me right out of my skin, but here lately I've been having a bit of fun with myself. lol Sooooo, I'm it and I'm supposed to share 7 random things about myself.

hmmmmmm, random. . . . . usually I am SO random, I actually have to strive to NOT be so randoms sometimes because I don't think everyone enjoys it like I do. I love random.

Maybe that's number 1. I love randomness. It usually makes me smile. Oh, lets make this 7 random things, things that make me smile! Since its all about me me me me.


1. randomness. Its so umm, well, random. Fun.

2. Kinetic jewelry makes me smile. I like things that move.

3. Banana peanut butter smoothies make me smile. And they make my taste buds very happy.

4. My son makes me smile. ALL THE TIME. He's uber-cute and quite funny.

5. The blazing colors of trees in autumn pretty much usually make me smile. Since I"ve been out at the soccer game today and now am in front of a window, I've been pretty much grinning like a damn cheshire cat all day. :-D

6. My little chihuahuas make me smile. Most of the time. When they have their bladders and other areas all in check.

7. and finally, my tools make me smile. They are oh so lovely. and they feel good in my hand make such a pleasant sound..well, the hammers and such.

ok -- now off to tag more peeps.

1. Barrie
2. Karen
3. Lisa
4. Tracy
5. Chris

ok, is 5 enough? Puhhhh-leeeeeeeeeeze. ? I really don't have that many good friends. ;-)


  1. Banana peanut butter smoothies??? Wow...sounds kinda neato. And I do understand loving your tools. I'm with you!

  2. I guess 5 will have to do! It's fun to find out things about our friends that we didn't know. Especially online friends. Make you feel like you really know them!

  3. Chris - they are to DIE for and they are really good for you! I posted the recipe at some point - I'll have to dig it up and repost.

    Tammy - I agree, its fun learning more about our online buddys. Thank you for including me!! :)


  4. Mm...kinetic jewelry! I made a locket in jewelry making class that had a piece of colored glass inside...and whenever I wear it I open it and swing the glass back and forth. Heaven.
    metalworking tools make me happy, too. I only have jewelry files so far...but someday I will have a whole collection.