Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday Snapshots

I just got home from church and its only 11am which is neat because I usually grocery shop after church and don't get home until much later (and really I've been home for a half hour already). I've still got laundry going and we have our final soccer game of the season at noon then the team is going to Pizza Hut (oh joy) and then I'm signed up to volunteer at youth group at church tonight (double joy). So its another busy day.

Yesterday, in addition to everything else, I picked the last of the veggies from my garden. I was truly surprised that my little cherry bomb plant was still popping out peppers....and lots of them! After picking them all off the plant, and picking the last little wimpy purple beauty, we yanked up all the plants and will turn the soil and then seed it, because, dun-dun-dun -- we've dug a plot three times the size for next year! YAY!

Who ever would have thunk it? Me, gardening!??!! I never would have thought it - but I really enjoy it. These cherry bomb peppers are really hot - even the one's that haven't turned red yet will have some heat. mmmmm.

While we were digging around in the garden, we found an artifact! lol My son is taking an archeology class at school and so we excavated this and he will take it to school on Thursday to show his teacher. Kinda cool. :) Its part of an old horseshoe.

Gotta run - have clothes to fold and then head out for soccer.

Maybe bench today? Maybe? (or tonight..?)

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