Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tales From Tuesday

Just a quick note to say that I did get some bench time last night - despite a harrowing evening preceding said bench time. With two separate melt downs - first my dd on the phone in tears and not long thereafter my son in his room in was really a stellar start to my Tuesday at the bench which almost didn't happen.

Despite all that went on, I was determined to get some work done. I was trying out a new design concept and ended up messing it up along the way. A learning experience which I'm glad to have had and yet it was a time eater. I almost packed it in after that and wasn't really sure what to do next when I spied a ring I had been playing with. Truly not a ring that was ever going to see the light of day - it started as me fiddling with one element (the shank) and then instead of scrapping it I decided to top it off with a 'bar' on top...and its been resting rather pathetically on my bench since. Oh sure, its been thrown in the tumbler a time or two - why not take a ride with the other kiddos? But it was surely the black sheep of the family. Well, after last night I am no longer sure. This ring just might be a contender!! I decided I'd try to flush set an amethyst in the top. I have only set one flush stone before, and that was under the direct guidance of my buddy Gary. And actually I think he technically 'set' both of the stones I tried that day we all got togehter up at Rina's. Ahhh, memories....

OK, so anyway - I tried it, got it in there but scratched the hell out of the setting.....sanded it, oops, there goes my shiney amethyst - now a dull opaque piece of..well, not nice thing. So, out it comes and in goes another. More careful this time (not to mention I had taken a file and some sandpaper and re-surfaced my little homemade setting tool) and yes, I think its in there - let me try to push it out from the back...yep, ITS IN THERE! WAHHOOOOO!

But you know me, I gotta be really really sure. So I held it over a hard countertop, from about 12" high and I dropped it 5 or 6 or ok 10 or 12 times. . . and. . wonders of wonders.....


Next test is the tumbler.


Oh and Hey - HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!! Halfway to the weekend!!

Giveaway update- I"ll be closing comments in the giveaway post tomorrow evening. And I'll draw the winner on Friday morning and post. The winner then just needs to contact me with what they choose and all their pertinent info.

EDIT: You asked for it - you got it - well, sort of -- here are pics of the ring before the session last night - this was on one of its trips in the tumbler...

Now imagine it with a scratch finish on top and a little 3mm amethyst flush set.


  1. The journey of that ring makes it a worthy contender anyway you slice it. Can't wait to see it.

  2. you sound like me a little OCD?? If it didn't fall out this time, will it the next?? LOL have a great wed!!

  3. Are you teasing me? I was looking forward to a photo of the ring after I was done reading the post...bummer! With all you went through, I'm sure it a beauty...can't wait to see it.

    Sorry to hear about the melt downs. There's always next tuesday. :)

  4. Pictures - we neeeed pictures :) :)

  5. Hahaha - yes, pictures. I just can't ever seem to get the pics by Wednesday morning when I leave for work. sorry!!!

    I don't think the ring is a contender to sell, but it will be 'good enough' for me to wear. Its kind of a schizophrenic ring - one style shank and then when its worn you don't see the shank at all and the top is completely different! The amethyst is 3mm -- could be bigger for the setting - or maybe add two more.....

    Lemme see if I can show you the ring as it last stood...

    Oh and yea, just a little OCD here. :) But, I'd rather pop out a stone or snap off a earring post (I twist the heck out of those prior to final finishing) prior to wearing it out (or *horrors* - selling it and have it come off on a client!!)

    OK, lets see if I can insert a picture

  6. nope - ok, will edit the post.

  7. Gosh - tears are catching unfortunately.
    I love your 'drop' test. I give certain items to my 4 year old for an hour - and call it the kiddie test. Thats if it survives AND I can find it again....

  8. Oh gosh girl - were there tears at your place too or are you inferring my children were passing it to each other? There could have been a telepathy thing going on -- my daughter was not home - my son was...and they were bothing having a bit of a time. lol

    I like the kid test. I do all kinds of little tests - just to be sure - ya know? Especially since I'd never gottn a flush set to actually, well, SET! lol