Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TFT - Part II - new pics

After a busy evening running two towns over to check on my daughter's 'wrecked' car and having a bite to eat out, and shopping for a birthday gift and teacher present and some odds and ends, dropping off friend, driving home....put little guy to bed, let dogs out...yadda yadda yadda....

........*deep breath*...........

snapped a few pics of the schizo ring......

On one side - light and airy - 'filligree-ish'.(from bottom - shank)

On the other side - solid, contemporary, heavy - scratch finish and a bit of bling. (from the top)

Schizo Ring.



  1. Your daughter is ok though Janice?

    More details needed about your Fabulous-tastic Bling Ring please. I want to do that! Did you you start with silver sheet for the top bit - if so what gauge? What size is the stone - is it amethyst - does it have to be a certain hardness to survive the setting process?

    Its a very cool ring - and I do like the finish.

  2. Your daughter was in an accident? I'm guessing she is absolutely fine, because you wrote only about the car.

    Coolio flush setting! How tough is flush setting? And yes, details please? :-D All of it :-D.

    I am meanwhile wrecking my brains over what I can do with wax sheets. Can't think of much (things that will be good for casting, and not easy with fabrication...otherwise what's the point in casting?). Managed to carve out a couple of signatures. Let's see how that casts. But I want to do handwriting stuff with build up method. And I'm no good at that. Do you know of any wax extrusion pens?

  3. WOW - that came out fantastically well!
    Loving the futuristic front & retro rear
    (sounds a bit like Maddonna pointy bra version if she had a bustle on, lol)
    That flush setting is very, very neat you should quite rightly be proud of yourself!
    Nic x

  4. beautiful your blog..
    daughter car wreck...
    I've done that one tooooooooo
    mona &the girls

  5. Hey all - thanks!!

    Sorry, should have been more specific - the car was 'wrecked' a couple of weeks ago. There was a downed light pole in the road and she slammed over it (along with several other cars) and ripped up her engine. She's fine - well as fine as she can be - she has issues. (she's 20 and not in a good place in her life to say the least).


    Vicky- the ring is low dome half round wire for the top. Flush setting isn't all that hard I guess but its finicky and sorta precise. There are some threads on it over at the forum....with graphic pics and whatnot. Gary and Mike have given a lot of input on those threads.

    Nicola - I LOVE that description....of Madonna -- what a visual!

    Swati - I've never done any casting so I don't know ANYthing about it. But I bet we can find out. :) Have you searched Kate Wolf? I think she has some casting tools (or maybe she's just metal clay..?) I can't recall. Yea, she's casting - here:

  6. Janice I love the contrast of textures you have on this ring!

  7. Janice, girl, I am loving your new bloggy background!!