Monday, April 20, 2009

Almost forgot!

Here is a piece I have been working on - the picture is prior to stones being set.

This is sterling wire that has been forged and arranged and soldered onto a backplate with the bezels (made from FS bezel strip) added some fine silver balls. . . . and then two jumprings when I couldn't decide how to hang the darn thing.

I set the stones )onyx and ??mystery stone/wonder stone) over the weekend and gave the pendant a patina. I also attached a prefab chain. I really like the pendant, but I'm not sure I like how it hangs or the chain. Another one of my learning lessons I guess.

I also actually have two more 'then' and 'now' pieces to show but I haven't taken photos yet. Will get them tonight I hope - although, '24' is on tonight so I can't promise anything.........


  1. Gorgeous...your work always amazes me. I too have a pendant that I put a lot of work into and not crazy about how it hangs on the chain...what do you do in that case?

  2. Gorgeous - I love the shapes in this Janice! Could it be zebra jasper?

  3. I have a couple stones like that and was told when I purchased them that they were 'Zebra Marble'... maybe! :)

  4. Thanks all!! I guess its a zebra something. The stone is rather soft - I'll take a close up pic and repost it soon as well as the card itself that still has stones on it.

    Sassy - I think for me this was a learning experience in that I should hang it from SOMEthing prior to setting the stones just to get a good feel for it and if I'm not 100% happy with it, then redo it, or keep it. I may keep this one but I'm not sure. I should probably stick to very traditional (for me) bails. I was trying to go outside the box and I'm not sure it worked for me. ;-)