Monday, April 20, 2009

Feels like all I ever say is....

'its raining'. Well, it is. Raining. HARD. I actually kinda like rain at work though - I have two HUGE windows in my office (I'm spoiled, I have a door too, lol) and the rain slowly slides down in these long snaking lines, its really cool to watch.

Got some seeds in the ground this weekend. My first REAL garden in over 30 years! Last year I dug up a little 2x2 or 3' plot and planted a few hot pepper plants, a green pepper, purple pepper, and two tomatoe plants (yuck, tomatoes! they were for me familia). This year, I have about roughly 10x10' plot. I have planted carrots, lettuce, beets, and peas - so far. I also have seed for two kinds of squash, zuccini, cucumbers, watermelon, cantelope, and something else...then I will buy plants for peppers and tomatoes (tomatoes - YUCK!). I bought 5' high fencing that I need to put up (with the help of my father) and then its water, weed, and wait. I'm good at the first two, the last, no so much. I found out last year that I am a REALLY impatient gardener. REALLY impatient. So this year I am bracing for the wait. We shall see how that goes.

I mentioned in a previous post that I purchased some polishing tools, little wheels, brushes, some sandpaper, etc.

Today you get a peek at it all. Fun huh?

I decided last week that I am going to really focus on a few things - I've dubbed them the 3 R's.

Recycle, Reclaim, Reuse

First - Recycling scraps. I have been a hoarder of scraps. I contemplate sending them in for refinement (and I may do that) but I am also considering doing some melting of my own, for either water or broomstick casting and to create my own ingots and drawdown for wire or sheet. In addition, I am going to be using some of this scrap to create a new line of organic, rugged jewelry.

Second - Reclaiming old pieces. I have pieces from the early days that I just wasn't happy with. I either lacked the proper tools or the proper knowledge to make the pieces 'sales' worthy. Although others may have thought they could go out the door - not me. I won't put something out there I'm not happy with. Over the past week I have been going back and looking at those early pieces with new eyes (and new tools in hand!). I believe I will have several of those pieces to present for sale soon.

Not for sale, but here is a success of a finished piece that had been laying around - it got a makeover in the process, but retains much of the original design.

The problem?

I just never added the dangles or finished the backs (there were some blobs on the back that needed filing). So they have sat (for about 2 years..?)

I really liked the finish on the first ones (the texture) however when I went to work on the backside, I broke a post off the back, then broke the second one off. (WTH??) They had been spot welded, not soldered, and I probably didn't use the right settings to have a secure join. Sooooooooo, I had to solder. That created all kinds of problems and ended with me putting the 'hanger' back on one earring and then the resultant sanding I nicked the domes, so I just went with it and used a bastard file to texture the domes. They still need patina. will repost when I get that done.

Third - Reuse. I am trying to learn from the works of others, people who inspire me with their use of found objects. I am not 100% convinced that I have the eye to see what these things can become, but I am committed to trying, and seeing where I can go with it. My first reuse project has to do with an old leather pair of shoes. We shall see..... ;-)

I'll leave you with a shot of my little guy on Easter. :)

ok, 2 shots - I'm a sucker for this guy. :)

Good thing since I feel like all I did this weekend was run him from one thing to the next - soccer game and a baseball game on Saturday, then we had church on Sunday morning and he had AWANA Sunday evening (which I stayed for part of and ran the drill press for their derby car work night! I luvs me some tools!!)

Have a great day!


  1. That cutie...I swear Janice...our 2 boys must be related somewhere they are so much alike!

    I have a love/hate relationship with the rain today as well :)

  2. Melissa - little boys are wonderful. I swear, it kills me some days that he's growing up. On the other hand, empy nesting sounds good too! ;-)