Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TFT - 04.15.09

Bench Night last night! YAY!

I left work a little BEFORE 5, zipped home and got started preparing dinner right away. I had hoped to be at the bench earlier than I was, but maybe since the bench time went so horribly its not a bad thing that I didn't get there earlier than I did!

So, I made dinner which I thought would be SUPER quick, but turned out taking a while. I had about a quarter of a ham leftover from Easter, so I took all the meat off, chopped it up and made a sort of casserole. If I can just say.....




how good that was.

In a nutshell:

I finely chopped some vidalia and put it in a large casserole with a dab of butter and some white wine - nuked it for 6 minutes or so, then added:
-Chopped ham
-some chopped swiss cheese
-frozen corn
-mustard (just a big healthy squirt or two)
-white wine
-half a can of cream of mushroom soup
-a spoonful or two of light sour cream
-more white wine

oh my...I found it

- a tiny bit of heavy whipping cream leftover.....that will be PERFECT.

Dump it in.

Nuke some more - maybe 10 minutes, stirring every few.

Oh. my. word. The rich creaminess that came out of the microwave and poured onto our heaven. Served it over rice...mmm. But thats not all. I baked some refrigerator biscuits and cut them up into chunks and put them on the top of our bowls. MMMMMMMM. Positively sinful it was so good.

OK, so then a quick clean up, help little guy get his homework out, feed the dogs, blah blah blah and off to the basement. SKWERRRRRRRRCK. Halt. Not so fast.

Did I mention there was a little box on the counter when I got home? Hmmm? Did I?


Hmm, well THERE WAS! And it was from some of my favorite folks. The ones who work at Contenti.

It was chock full of little goodies. (boy those little goodies add up...) Lots of little attachments for my flexshaft....some of these: in different grits

a whole boatload of some of these in various shapes and grits:

some of these:

Some sandpaper cloth, some mini-mandrels for all those attachments, some ummm, hmmm, oh, sawblades...maybe thats it.

Lots of fun stuff. :)

Ok, to the bench we go.

You might have heard that I'm pulling through old pieces - trying to make them new - and I'm not doing too poorly as evidenced by the fact that I'm wearing an ANCIENT pair of earrings that I always thought looked really stupid, but after tumbling them for like 6 hours on Easter - I'm WEARING them today! ha!


Yep, there's a big BUT.

Last night I retrieved this cutey and thought I'd make more the s
tyle of the one the leaf is hanging on...who knew it would be so hard to make 'random' look right? To make 'organic' look natural? I must have gone through 4 or 5 feet of 16 gauge wire, most of it being scrapped and after I got what might look ok, I ruined 4 more 3-4" pieces of wire trying to make a clasp. WHAT THE HECK???!! Oy. So I finally decided I was 'done'. Put it on - it looked like crap. Seriously.

At that point I decided enough was enough. I called it a night - it was only 10:30.


So, for today - we've got more rain....which is a good thing I suppose, we really do need it. Baseball game for tonight is cancelled which is a good thing as my little guy has another research paper (they do start them young these days!) and we need to get crackin' on it! And maybe, just maybe, I'll have the energy to get back to the bench, but I'm not even LOOKING at that stupid leaf pendant. Well, maybe long enough to toss it back into the box it came out of....where it can hang out for another 6 months or so before I decide to look at it again. ;-)

Happy Wednesday ! Happy creating!



  1. OMG Casserole... drooling on the keyboard. Some of my best stuff has come out of "Hmm, what's leftover in the fridge that has to be used up today..." ;)

    I love getting my supply boxes. It's like Christmas a few times a month. Even the Queen doesn't get that, hmmph :D

    Is that pendant still in your "looks like crap" category? 'Cause I think it's kind of, um, awesome, personally. *grin*

  2. I think your leaf pendant looks cool - but I'm the same, if I don't feel its 'right' - just put it away. It will come out again when the time is right!!!

  3. oh, the leaf and the link shown are fine - its the other links I was trying to make last night to create a necklace to attach to this lonely little leaf to...grrrrrrrr. It just wouldn't come together right!

  4. Your dinner sounds incredible! I had a day at the bench very much like your Tuesday night. I did not get much done (and there is MUCH to do). I started cutting all mu bezels too short, and after awhile I decided that I was in no condition to even THINK about picking up my torch!

  5. The casserole sounds wonderful. Sorry the bench time didn't work out. I hate those days; you sit down all fired up to create and everything you touch turns to crap. I usually get up and leave it and the next time things go together just right...I think my muse decides to take a day off when things go bad. I love getting boxes from Contenti, Rio, Otto's always like Christmas. I feel certain your next date with your bench will be great!