Friday, May 22, 2009

FF - Socializing

If you know me at all - you probably know that I'm a bit of a 'social butterfly' -- I love people.

Well, most of the time. ;-)

Anyway - today's favorite just can't be ignored - its part social, part educational, and all over......... a whole lot of good.

Its the Network - the Jewelry Artists Network.

There are lots of jewelry forums out there, but this one is my fave. For LOTS of reasons.

The forum is more or less pretty much 100% drama free and flame free. Hallelujah! Adults that behave like adults. Yippy skippy. :)

There is a wide range of expertise and a wide range of experiences - and everyone shares. (for the most part ....nothing is perfect after all)

The pace is manageable and there's not an extraneous amount of off topic chatter - although social, its remains primarily a focused group.

The forum is WELCOMING. Newbies are welcomed in right off the bat and encouraged to participate and expand their knowledge and skills set.

Beyond all of that though, this week in particular has reminded me how supportive everyone is on the forum. Its like family, we support and encourage one another and overlook any missteps or faux pauxs (why we're drama free I suppose), even if we haven't seen one another in a long time - we're still part of the family.

I've loved watching the forum grow, meeting new people, learning so much, and maybe giving back a little. I'm excited to get underway with revamping the website part of the network - the forum is great but the website needs an overhaul! I'm looking forward to seeing how the education section grows and look forward to meeting lots of new people.

So while I still visit and participate in lots of forums, groups, etc. This one is home. Its family. Its my fave. :)



  1. Hi Janice!
    Happy Friday, I was just on the forum last night looking up some info...I love this site also and only just discovered it a couple months back!!

    I'll see ya there!
    Sherice :)

  2. It's my favorite forum, gotta agree!! And our fearless leader is one of the biggest highlights (tho she's a little bashful). She guides us quietly and asks nothing in return. I hope the forum continues to grow and expand, share and educate!!

  3. I totally agree. I have been on other forums for different topics, but this one is really totally drama free, and flame free! There is always someone helpful there to reply to has been a huge factor in my growth as a jewelry artist.

    This is probably why this is the only forum I have so far given link to from my blog. I hope I can discover other neat forums too. I also have to say that these days I hardly ever try other forums. LOL! If I don't try I will not find others that are great...but this one pretty much keeps me happy so I haven't been to many places in the last couple of years.

  4. Thanks guys!! The forum would be NOTHING without you guys - seriously - its the members that make it! :) ((hugs))

  5. hmmm, i tryed to join, but most links on that site are broken and not even the join link works out...

    are they offline now?

  6. Sonja - just click the link at the top for the forum - then you will get into the forum. The rest of the website is offline due to reconstruction. :)