Thursday, May 21, 2009

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Thats me. Waiting. waiting. waiting.

Haven't heard anything about the MRI. Maybe tomorrow -- or maybe not til next week.

So, for now - no news is good news. :)

And may be I"ll get some benchtime tonight. One can hope.


I've been browsing around other people's blogs - seeing some great pieces in the works and some lovely finished items. Its inspiring, so maybe I'll actually get something done in the next day or two or three or four. ;-) Haven't been commenting much though - just a lot going on - with my health stuff and then we were in court again today - never fun. So my head is just on overload.

Will catch up with you all soon. ((hugs))



  1. Big hugs, kiddo. This too shall pass. One day the whole court drama will be a distant memory and you'll wonder how you ever made it through. Been there, done that, tossed the t-shirt in the trash. And you're right about the MRI - no news is good news! If you didn't have a brain, I'm sure they'd have contacted you by now! :)

  2. Weird. Is it a Jewelry thing? I also suffer from migraines, I have since I've been 8 or 9. The pain use to horrendous, enough to hospitalize me for a day or two. Within the last 10yrs my migraines have changed from extremely painful to moderately painful with aura's, blind spots, and sometimes a disconnection with parts of my body (usually my left hand and arm). This last bit, the disconnection, is not normal for migraines and my doctor thought I may had had a TIA.

    The thing is a TIA is really hard to see or diagnose. Unless you have your MRI during, or right after a possible TIA there is nothing to find. So far I've had 6 MRIs in the past 3 years. All I have found out so far is that I am allergic to the contrast dye---which sent me to the hospital (an oddity in it's own right since I have had numerous MRIs with contrast but only reacted recently).

    The speech garbling you mention Janice is very frightening indeed, and leans toward a TIA. Then again so does my disassociation, as both are common with a full blown stroke. Still, they haven't diagnosed me with a TIA yet as my brain has been annoyingly "normal" (though some may disagree). I don't really know what I would do if the doctor said I had a TIA anyway. What's he going to tell me to do? Eat right? Exercise? Hell, I just gave up smoking 2 1/2 months ago eating right is out the window for now :)

    BTW Janice- My GF has Hashimoto's Thyroiditus. It was inactive for 8 years, only becoming active in the last 8 months and now she's on one of the thyroid meds.


    *I posted this same thing on your site. I am too lazy...

  3. No news must be a good news in matters of the gray area? I hope so! *fingers crossed* if you see my latest vid I had a huge brain fart, it lasted a few moments. I only started getting mild migraines when I hit peri-meno...and oh man they are awful.
    I'm hoping your gray matter is lovely!!! :-)

  4. Hugs to you Janice. I hope you do find time to create tonight. I must have missed something along the way. Why are you having an MRI done? aybe I read about it before, but my brain has a habit of forgetting things.

  5. Janice,
    sounds like you should take a vacation, school will be out soon and sounds like you need some good ol R & R!!!

    Hope your health turns out to be good news!!!

  6. Ok, looks like I have missed a lot here. Why did you have an MRI? For migraines? No news is good news with such cases, because had something been wrong, they'd have made sure they got back to you really soon.