Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Manic, Marvelous -Monday?? (TT)

errrrrrrrrrr, oops, not ! Its Tuesday. Guess that means this is really Tutorial Tuesday.

I don't deserve a day off. It apparently just confuses me.

A little over a year ago I did a TT on enameling. With one pathetic link. Wait, let me back up - the link itself was not pathetic. Not at all. In fact, it was a really cool link. Its the AMOUNT of linkage that was pathetic. One link. Thats it.

I've been wanting to go back and redo that TT -- but seeing as it was 14 months or so ago its not likely anyone would be browsing that deep - so, I'm having a do-over. Today's tutorials are on enameling. And we've got lots of linkage and a couple of different ways to go about it.

Torch firing enamels

Torch fired enamel beads (pdf download)

Forge and Fuse Technique

Trinket Kiln




  1. Don't worry, I'm always losing days...lol!

    Thanks for the tuts. This is something I've wanted to try for a while now, but I just haven't gotten there yet.

  2. You SO deserve a day off, silly!! Might be surprised how refreshing a day off might be!!! Thanks for the enamelling tuts!! This is something I've been contemplating too! :)

  3. YAY!! I want to see some projects from you guys soon then!! :)