Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Faves!

I have always had a secret fondness for today's fave, however,
recent events have increased this fondness.

If you've been reading my blog (or the forum), you will know that I had an unexpected expected class held at my place this past weekend.

With everything going on in my life I had completely forgotten about it until I received an email from the instructor the day prior!

The class turned out to be a private lesson really, as the instructor had let this date get away from him as well. However, since he was coming through this way still worked out.

Who is this accomodating instructor?

None other than Loren Damewood of
Golden Knots.

Loren turns out to be just as nice in person as he is over the internet (where I've had the pleasure of 'knowing' him on forums for several years now). Not only is Loren a 'fave' of mine, but now 'knotting' is a fave, thanks to Loren.

I was blessed to have Loren all to myself (well, I shared him with my family for a bit) and he is a fabulous instructor. Since it was just him and I, we did both the bracelet and the ring workshop in one day. ONE DAY!!! Actually, in all of about 5 hours....

Loren is easy going and quickly adapted to the one student format and, sorry, encouraged me....through both projects. Loren comes with all the tools, wire, and provides written material and diagrams as part of the class, pluse he has loads of extras -DVDs, tools, etc which one can purchase. Loren is CLEAR in his instruction and PATIENT - both of which I thoroughly appreciated.

For me, the ring (which we did second) turned out to be a little bit easier than the bracelet, but both were accomplished without fuss. I think that attests to Loren's teaching skills. He allowed me to do the work but was ever present, watching all the while, just in case I made a wrong turn...and always reminding me to keep the wire on the right angle, or not to bend the wire.

I was VERY pleased to have completed the bracelet and have been wearing it ever since. :) Loren prides himself on the fact that his students leave with FINISHED jewelry, not parts, components, or scraps. And I think it makes a huge difference in how I felt about the experience. Coming away with completed work is wonderful.

I technically completed the ring, however I wanted to run another course around and haven't yet done that.....

so its not finished-finished.

The long wire still protruding is a dead giveaway. ;-)

I can't recommend today's fave highly enough.

Loren is a wonderful teacher, a highly skilled artisan, and an all around nice guy.

Check him out at:

And have a GREAT weekend all!


  1. Hi Janice,

    The ring and bracelet are calling me, since I haven't yet really gotten into the silversmithing side of jewelry and I work with wire already.. where/how can I learn to make these.. I love them both, but I really want to make a ring like that!!
    Can you help point me in the right direction??


  2. These are beautiful! Lucky you to have a private lesson. I just spent 20 min on his website and I'm thinking of buying a kit. I make a lot of Viking knit and I love the repetition in knotting/weaving wire.

  3. Beautiful the ring.

  4. Sherice - check Loren's website for more information - either his DVD, a kit, or a workshop that could be in your area.

    I would love to see what you all make if you try your hand at some knotting.

    Thanks for reading/looking! :)


  5. Lucky you!!! What an awesome opportunity! I hope he comes to San Jose sometime soon. Each time I get his mailing about his schedule I rush to read the email hoping this side of CA will be mentioned. But so far nothing. One day... :-))

  6. checked out his site and will be ordering the dvd. Thanks for passing along the info..

  7. oooh what fabulous creations that ring is gorgeous!

  8. Thakns all!

    Swati - you should contact him, he may do something out there if you can get enough people signed up. :)

  9. ooh I had someone ask me to make them a braided ring. I couldn't figure it out but this could work!!!