Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TFT - 05.27.09

Last night worked surprisingly well. I am finally about over my headache which made things much easier than they have been in over a week. We had leftover food, from Memorial Day, ready to go so when I got home I threw it all together, we ate, then I slipped off to the basement. (I'm getting good at this!)

My son did join me not too long thereafter, and he continues to want more of my attention than when I began this Tuesday night studio thing. He's so cute, I can't get mad, I try to engage him and I take brief (I mean really brief) breaks to watch him or do something with him. Its all fun. I enjoy it. :) Last night we danced and huggled (somewhere between a hug and a snuggle) and generally chatted a lot while I was working.

Despite my best intentions to complete some of my pieces, I really began a couple new ones. . .I can't seem to make myself stop! But I've publically committed to doing just that, stopping any new creation until I finish these and I've determined to finish everything I have in various stages by the end of the month. Oy. But seriously, remember the necklace, with the beads and bits of chain and whatnot? Thats STILL not done. So, its high time I get serious and then get some of these listed for sale.

Last night I began this sterling and charoite ring. I like how the stone is set on horizontal and the setting is no fuss. its kind of sleek which is different from a lot of my other work.

The setting needs to be cleaned up, polished and then the stone set. Right now its just in there for a test drive/fitting.

And here it is on my hand. Whatcha think?

Does it stand alone well or do you think it needs some embellishments?

sterling, lapis, amethyst, fold formed
I also did some work on this 'far out' pendant.

It reminds me of something from the solar system. Its sterling, fold formed, hammered, soldered.

Needs clean up and then some LOS, then the lapis and amethyst (bullet) will be set.

And by far my favorite........this ring.

Its going to be SO hard to part with this one. This is sterling, fold formed, with 14k gold balls. It just really appeals to me.

Right now it has a very rough finish and I'm not sure how high I'll take the polish...then definitely LOS to really pop the gold.

Finally, I've been remiss at sharing about the class I took with Loren Damewood on Saturday. I made a cuff bracelet and a ring (ring picture coming, along with full details of the WONDERFUL workshop)

This is a knotted fine silver cuff. It is created from ONE uninterrupted strand of fine silver wire. Cool, huh?

I ordered some fine silver wire. I don't normally use fine silver but the knotting really requires a soft wire to work with. Sterling would kink and break I am sure.

I also ordered...dun, du-dun-dun-dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

14k gold sheet, bezel strip, and wire. OY. I want to make an entire ring of 14k gold. I am not sure I have gold solder though so I may have to go back and place another order. I finally ordered from Rio. . . . I had been resistant to Rio as I think their prices are higher than one needs to pay, however, that was looking at tools and other supplies. Their metals prices are very competitive, so I was pleasantly surprised and I will be back to Rio on a regular basis now. I happened over there as Thunderbird doesn't have fine silver wire or sheet. (who knew??? lol) So I tripped on over to Monsterslayer and as I was getting my order together I decided to just price out the same metals at Rio. BINGO! Just about the same on sterling and fine silver - but considerably lower on the 14k gold. So it worked well.

I'm a bit nervous about using the gold but I'm also excited. Stay tuned, hopefully there will be a success story showing up soon!



  1. Janice,
    I do the very same thing, especially with necklaces, start them and then take forever finishing them. I have several pendants just waiting for the chain part to be added. I love the charoite ring as it is, just a plain setting, it's very striking like that. I can't wait to see what you make with the gold, that would be nerve-wracking!

  2. Is there a law about having to finish all the pieces before starting new oneS? I don't think so! LOL Gotta go with the flow, and if the flow says start soemthing new, you might want to listen! :) I think the charoite is fine on it's own, but I would all some kind of embellishment - seems like an awful wide edge around the stone. LOVE the fold formed ring - very cool! No wonder you don't want to part with it. I've been using Rio for ages, more for their wonderful customer services across borders, but also because they almost always have what I want to order. My best advice with soldering gold is that you need to have perfect seams - no forgiveness like silver!!! Have fun, can't wait to see what you create!!

  3. Oh, and I was going to suggest giving your son a little area of his own to create - I give my granddaughter a hammer, a steel block, some old punches and some copper scraps and let her have fun. Keeps her out of my hair for ages. One time, she took a piece of roller textured copper that I had laying around and used her felt pens and colored it. It was so pretty!!! I lacquered it and have it on my bench so I can see it when I'm working. Your son just wants to spend time with you, so put him to work! :)

  4. Hi Janice!

    I love love that bracelet.. I would love to know how to make it!! Just beautiful!
    the other pieces are nice also but the bracelet really jumped out at me!

  5. Everything you've done is stunning!!!!Love, love the ring-simple and elegant. And that bracelet~~just an eye popper. I would love to know that technique.
    I have the same situation when the grandkids come over. Paige (10) is pretty good.I can give her some supplies and she'll make something. Tyler(3)on the other hand wants to get into everything that's dangerous for him. The computer is in my studio and he'll play on that for awhile but, the goodies in the studio usually catch his eye and he's into everything. I suppose we could move the computer into another room so he's not so tempted.


  6. Very pretty designs.

  7. Hi all! !

    Barrie - no, no rule -- but I HAVE to get some products for sale! I'm beginning to feel the push to sell. (self imposed)

    So far my little guy isn't showing much interest in hammering and whatnot -- the 'studio' set-up is tight and really messy which makes me worry for his safety - but I might be able to eek out a small spot -- maybe we'll give it a go and if he can take a scrap piece of metal from nothing to a little something on a leather cord that might further pique his interest.

    Carolyn - I'm thankful my LG isn't into everything - he just wants to talk and tries to entice me over to HIS side of the basement! lol He is becoming rather intrigued by the flexshaft though. Ever since he discovered it has a footpedal. Go figure.

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I'll be taking a close look at the charoite ring prior to setting the stone - maybe I'll add some embellishments.

  8. Oh you are SO lucky you took one of Loren's classes!! I love your designs, the charoite ring is such a different and beautiful design.

  9. Janice,
    we are much alike in the love of mixing golds, and making all gold pieces, it's just so yummy! I'm usually tempted into oxidizing my silver when I add a splash of gold because gold doesn't oxidize...
    You are so funny with your son, and sound like a great mommy!
    I'm the same, I start several projects, then start more, and on days like today go back and finish a couple.
    THAT RING IS off the charts gorgeous in composition and color!!! All the pieces are WOW, I'd love to learn to weave a piece like your cuff!

  10. I love your pendant (solar system) and amethyst ring ...... they are beautiful .... less is more so don't over do it, which you obviously are not because your pieces are working really well ......

  11. Love the new stuff, Janice!! Reading this post reminded me that I began some riveting but then forgot all about it in lieu of enameling!! Guess I've got some catch up to do, too. I second you on the silver ring with gold balls - my fave, too. And I don't think the first ring needs anything else. The simplicity makes a statement in and of itself.

  12. Hi guys - sorry I didn't comment back sooner - things have been really busy here. :)

    Carolyn, I have been mixing metals on and off for a while but have never made anything out of just gold - its a bit intimidating!!

    Thanks Della! :)

    Kirstie - you sound like me - on one thing then off to the next and then oh yea, I started some of that (or wnated to try this or that). If I could split myself into two - that would be awesome, I'd get so much more done! (or maybe I'd just start more stuff that I never finish...h,mm)