Monday, June 01, 2009

Marvelous Monday!

I really do like Mondays - I know, I'm weird.

I am afraid I don't have any pics today, sad, sad, sad...and I had no Snafu Sunday yesterday, bad, bad, bad. But I've been REALLY busy! Really.

So while I take a little lunch break (mmm, orange mango yogurt.......) I'll tell you what my weekend was like. Friday night - hmm, I dont' even remember Friday night. Oh wait...yes I do! I finished decorating the cake to donate to the elementary school fair. My son and I made a sheet cake and decorated it with green icing and crushed chocolate graham crackers (to look like grass and dirt) and I had taken some batter and baked it in a wee small pyrex bowl and that became a little mountain or hill on the cake. I cut Twix candy bars in half lenghtwise and pushed them down in various places to look like logs...then I cut up green gummy candies into short strips and pressed them together at the bottoms, letting the tops fan out and they looked like clumps of tall grasses. Finally we put purchased little plastic soldiers all around and made a little flag that we stuck in the top of the hill. It was REALLY cute. :) Too bad I didn't get a picture of it. Bagged the brownies for donation and ran them all up to the school. (ok, I DROVE them up...but well, ya know).

Then Saturday morning we had swim team at 8:15ish, then the school fair from 10:15 - home at about 3pm and relaxed a bit, then made dinner and took the night 'off' and just hung out with my son. After he went to bed, I just hung out by myself.

WHY, oh WHY couldn't I get myself down to my bench!!??

Guess I just needed to relax.

Sunday, got up, went to church, did the week's grocery shopping on the way home. Got home, put it all away, made and ate lunch, gathered the laundry up and then went to the pool. Got home at 4:15, little guy had AWANA at 5pm and I had a mandatory parent's meeting for the swim team at pm. We both got home around 7pm. Made dinner, at dinner, cleaned up, started laundry, put little guy to bed at 8:30pm -- then I sat and watched a bit of tv while doing laundry and then I went to bed early for a change. (10:45ish).

Got up this morning, got ready for work, took little guy to school, went to my dentist appt (oh YAY!. not) had small cavity filled, then came on in to work. Will work til 5ish and then little guy has first swim practice (actually AT 5pm I think, someone else is going to have to get him there since I work 40 minutes away) and then Lisa has an appt at the vet at 6:30. I still have one load of laundry to fold and put away. (I'm tired already) and I HOPE to get to the bench after little guy goes to bed.

I did manage to LOS that fold and gold ring on Saturday - not sure I like it. AT ALL. Might have to take the patina off and rethink it. Wish I had my camera, I'd snap a pic to share. Maybe tonight. In my spare time.

Yea, right. Spare time. Funny huh?



  1. Yep we neeeeed pictures, you betcha
    Oh and maybe some cake too :)
    Nic x

  2. Hi Nicola!! I try to NEVER post without pics, but I just didn't have any ready today! :( And the cake - don't remind me ! I forgot to take pics of it. :( We tried to get one Saturday morning when we got to the fair, but our cake had ALREADY been won! It must have been picked first or second..or somewhere right up there. Truth is, we did finally see it - being carved up by a family ! Massacred.....but I guess thats to be expected. :)

  3. oh honey. I'm tired just reading how busy you've been! I am having a hard time motivating myself to get to the bench today. Ah well.

    I am sad there is no picture of that cake. It sounds too cute. Maybe someone at school will have taken a photo...

  4. The cake sounds scrumptious!! You were a busy mommy this weekend!