Thursday, August 13, 2009

New things going on 'round here

There's some big changes around here. Well, they feel big to me anyway. The first has to do with my blogs. *sigh* Some good things have to come to an end, ya know?

I've been contemplating for a while how I'm split 6 ways to Sunday -- so busy, trying to do EVERYthing it seems. Yet all I've done is 'contemplate' (and complain?). I really haven't taken action, until now.

I've finally decided to merge my two blogs. Metalsmithing (A Metalsmith's Journey) and 'home life/personal' (Grace Expectations). The personal blog was suffering big time, and more home life was creeping in here anyway, so it makes sense I suppose. It still feels like a loss though. . . in some way.

I am not set on the layout, or header, or background or pretty much ANYTHING...other than simply being set on DOING it - so I made a start by combining the titles and a new header and dorky background - for now; and keeping it all here, where I post more regularly anyway.

The other new thing...........

I've gone raw. I never would have imagined it. I never even thought about going vegetarian, or vegan much less RAW. And technically I'm not vegetarian....or vegan....nor am I sure I'll STAY raw. But for now - since Monday morning. I am. Raw. and LOVING IT! I had read a small article in a magazine about raw eating and enzymes and decided to do it for ten days. The article recommended 70% raw for 10 days and then maybe 50/50 or something, I can't recall. After a bit of research I understand many people eat 100% raw. (or strive to do so) Raw foodists suggest making small changes, one meal a day at first -- but I jumped in 100%. I have only had a very tiny bit of cooked food since Monday morning - about a quarter of a broiled chicken breast Tuesday night. I feel GREAT. So much energy I am annoying myself.

I had gone to much less processed food a couple of years ago, but had slowly let a lot of it back into my diet. I kept thinking I'd ditch the processed foods and 'white' foods (white bread, white rice, white potatoes -- white = bad!) again but it just didn't happen. Now I'm T-totally au natural. Its slightly weird, but I can't believe how good I feel!

Just so's you knows...I didn't do this for any religious reason or spiritual thang. I just did it for basic health, and for short term. I'm thinking about staying at least 80% raw and no dairy (well, no milk and cheese). Anyone else have somewhat unusual dietary habits?

Ummmm, what else. Oh, my daughter turned 21 yesterday. OY. I feel old. lol

I mentioned a ring and some earrings - I still have not photographed the earrings, but here is the ring. :)




  1. Wow 21 already! Congrats on getting there! Good idea on ending your multiple blogs - downsizing. Hmmmmm RAW - don't eat fruit or veg so no good for me - but I do eat raw fish alot (sushi - yum!).

    Here in NZ they say when you go shopping for food, just stick to the outside aisles of the supermarket as all the processed 'junk' is in the middle!

    Love the ring - very classy & elegant but still bold & funky!

  2. Hi Janice~ hope your vaca was relaxing.. I really like your new blog, I have always been more interested in blogs that have a bit of personal life and business in them, and I like the lighter background and border. My son is going to be a freshman and that makes me feel old. Good luck with your new lifestyle changes and on your downsizing!! :)

  3. HI guys! Vaca was SUPER!! I hope the mix in the blog doesn't turn people off, but I'm like you - I like reading some personal along with the arts stuff. :)

    Vicky - they say the same thing in the US - shop the edges. I kinda like being an 'edge' person. ;) "The edge" -- I'm an 'edge eater'!!

  4. Hey Janice...I love it! I have enough trouble keeping 1 blog moving, don't know how I could juggle 2 :)

  5. I really like your new blog and love the ring.

  6. Honsetly, I love the photos and header for the blog...and the colors as a matter of fact! It's light and refreshing. :)

    I would love to go RAW, but know nothing about it. Do I need a special juicer and how much does that baby cost? I've heard such wonderful things about it, but never took the time to really learn it.

    The ring is STUNNING! I love it. :)