Thursday, June 03, 2010

A New Day

I wish I could post something like:

It's a new day and I feel GREAT!!

That wouldn't be the truth. It IS a new day. And I do feel pretty good.

Definitely not GREAT - but 'good' and for sure better than the past couple of days.

I do need to thank everyone who commented here or on FB on in email.


And thank God for grace and mercy and never letting me go.

And thank God for all of YOU!

I really am so appreciative for all of you who take the time to read and better yet engage with me - via comments or email or FB or Twitter or wherever! I am a busy person so I really appreciate the time and the efforts, no matter how small it may seem to you - its big to me.

really really.

I get email notifications of comments and today I had one from an older post of mine, asking about my engravers ball/block. I posted back in the comments but will also note here that the block either came from Creative Metalworks or Contenti (contenti link to econo model but they have others).

As I was looking at the comment on that older post, I saw one that I had forgotten about. It was a blog award. !!

And so timely................its the Sunshine Award!

How ironic!

When I was feeling LEAST 'sunny' that I would be brought back to that old post where Odin was giving me a sunshine award. Life is strange. But good. Even when I'm not. :)

Thank you Odin!

I'm supposed to award 12 bloggers...but since I haven't even awarded the full number on the last award I received...I'll just say thanks to ALL of you!

Phillipians 1:3
Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.


I really am thankful for you.

Some of you have been a constant presence since I began this whole jewelry journey and began blogging

For instance -
Chris Kerr (website)
and blog who I feel like has been here since my beginning and she still comments and encourages me!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!??

There are too many of you really to name you all - and I would hate to overlook anyone just because my brain isn't making all the connections at the moment. But I really need to send a shout out to Evalie -- I appreciate you my friend!!!!!!!

In addition to those I know and love - there are over 800 subscribers to this blog! Blows me away.

And the page hits are well over 3000 a month (another constant surprise) .....and visitors from SO far around the world. I LOVE that about blogging. All of the interesting people, from different walks of life. I don't get caught up in numbers but I do have a tracking system on my website for business reasons and it carries over to the blog for free, so occasionally I will glance at the geographic origins of hits on the blog - amazing. While I don't know who comes from where, I can't know WHO is visiting, its interesting nonetheless - in the last 24 hours we've had hits from the USA, Germany, Poland, Romania, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Brussels, Belgium, Israel, and Norway! whoa.

Thanks guys! And if you have never commented, please know you are welcome to do so. Anytime. I'd love to hear what you have to say and know what you are up to and how you found my little blog. :)